Pet Shimmers Share ‘All Time Glow’- New Album ‘Trash Earthers’ Due Friday

September 30, 2020
Photo by Gravy Manuellé 

Pet Shimmers

Bristol collective share ‘All Time Glow’ ahead of new album release on Friday

Pet Shimmers are sharing ‘All Time Glow’, a last taste of new record Trash Earthers before it is shared on FridayIt’sthe group’s second full length record of 2020 and set to be released via their own PS Records.

Not satiated with the release of their debut album Face Down In Meta and UK/tour with Alex G at the beginning of the year, and Pet Shimmers wasted no time in crafting the fragments and shards that each member of the band bring into a brand new album. What they emerged with is Trash Earthers – a glowing, urgent selection of downer-pop that never sits still.

‘All Time Glow”s warmth embraces you early, its fuzzy textures and harmonised vocals feel both nostalgic and immediate. Oliver Wilde says of the track:

“‘All-Time Glow’ sheds light on all those moments you don’t see at parties, those private moments of escapist relief, regathering of the self and vulnerable expression whilst beyond the door of safety, lies the rest of the world’s party, continuing its march towards oblivion. Sometimes it feels like we’re dogs in hot cars, spinning in circles trying to find fresh air. Hanging on every trusted recommendation our incompetent institutions and financially incentivised algorithms present us with. In the mire of powerlessness, we will always have each other and our precious communities, we can share fresh air with everyone at the click of a button or in the subtlest of gestures, that is a meaningful action today and I guess every day. And, trap hats.”

The video also includes a cast of all-star Bristol luminaries. The full cast of dear friends is as follows: Mig, Gabe, Lexie, Ramen, Will, Ellie, Guy Metcalfe, Deej Dhariwal (Thought Forms), Scarlett Louise, Jack Pulman (Icehead), Tristan McDonald, Jack Ogborne (Norman_Band), Ryan + Gina (Mumble Tide), Livvie May (Livvie May) + Cat Weena Brown, Amy Smith + Rob Norbury + Emily Breeze Music, Jemima Hopkins, Tom Capewell + Tom Vincent, Mia Schillace-Gristwood, Will + Immi Stokes (Voka Gentle), Joe Shez (SLONK), Benjamin Spike Saunders, Skylar Bonanos, Florrie + Eadie McCarthy, Katy J Pearson + Amy Edwards + Nick Berthoud + Molly Shields (Lazarus Kane), Fenne Lily + Keir and Maya Indelicato. 

All The Glow embraces intensity, moments of reflectiveness and at it’s core a melody which mesmerises.

UK Live Dates

Live dates:
Monday 1st March – The Bullingdon, Oxford, >
Tuesday 9th March – Joiners, Southampton*
 Thursday 11th March – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton*
Friday  12th March – Elsewhere, Margate*
Saturday 13th March – Jericho Tavern, Oxford*
Sunday 21st March – Exchange, Bristol*
Wednesday 21st April – Scala, London*

> = w. Porridge Radio
* = w. Happyness

Trash Earthers will be released through the group’s own PS Recordings on 2nd October.


Snake Eats a Lady
All Time Glow
Live-in Atrocity
Madonna’s People
Big Ideal
The Mouth Of
Inside the Truest Centre of Anything

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