Sofia’s single ‘Ice Cold Love’ out now!

May 18, 2015


For fans of: Tegan & Sara, Kathleen Adams, Sara Watkins
Sofia has released her latest single, Ice Cold Love via Let’s Play Records. It’s available to buy digitally via iTunes.

The video for Ice Cold Love premiered on Gigslutz who described the single as “a charming, catchy offering that will lodge itself in your ears for days after listening.” You can watch the video now via Sofia’s YouTube channel.

You can also stream the single via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Stream and download the ‘Untamable (Kandylion Remix)’ which premiered on Gay Times for free via Sofia’sSoundCloud page.

Subscribing to the notion that songwriters are story tellers, Ice Cold Love spins a personal tale charting a caustic relationship, but from a place of empowerment. Sofia, as narrator, has walked away from a cold hearted coupling so that she can continue to grow and find the love that she deserves. Her flair for narrative, ear for catchy hooks and distinctive voice could well see her compared to the likes of Kathleen Adams and Tegan & Sara.

Sofia is half Venezuelan and half Lebanese, giving her a wealth of influences to draw from. Both countries are considered third world, dealing with issues of violence, political turmoil and corruption. As a result she feels a sense of duty and social responsibility and considers herself an advocate for social change and World peace.

For the rest of 2015 Sofia is putting the finishing touches to her debut album In The City and spending the summer preparing a tour of Mediterranean Europe.

Ice Cold Love via Let’s Play Records and is available to buy digitally on iTunes.

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