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in earnest Set To Release Self-Titled Debut EP 7th October 2020 | EP Feature

September 22, 2020

in earnest Set To Release Self-Titled Debut EP 7th October 2020

 in earnest are an alt/indie trio from Southend-on-Sea, UK, fuelled by the songwriting of front-couple Sarah and Thomas.

The trio have announced details of their forthcoming self-tiled EP ‘in earnest’ which is due 7th October. The 6-track record delves into the exploration of mental illness, nostalgia and hope vs hopelessness.

During their formation in 2019, the band’s intention was to create meaningful art and unflinchingly honest lyricism: “We want listeners to connect, to feel something – our aim is to encourage discussion around difficult topics like mental illness. By sharing our experiences we hope to provoke thought and inspire others to start conversations as a result of our music.”

The 6 track EP starts with the first single ’29’, from the first riff and organic textures of the instrumentation, reflecting that of Radiohead on the initial comparison, the vocals come in and mesmerize, the arrangement dynamically alters the course when the harrowing lyrics come into play. The single, which is just shy of 5 minutes set the pace and the intimate atmosphere for the record. Deeply contemplative lyrics and complimenting vocals and the hush tones from both Thomas and Sarah provide a sincerity to their efforts.

Tracks such as ‘Put Me Under‘ as well as “Fables” later on, showcases the soft yet commanding notes from Sarah. With “Put Me Under”, this musician initiates the first notes and embarks on the emotive vocal journey and new essence to their second track. The composition sways an air of enchantment, as the repetitive lyrics gain momentum, the course of this single feels like a river; flowing with moments of rapidness and moments of calm. In all, an allusive piece from the act.

Come Upstairs and In Between have a more confrontational edge found in their bolder melodies and guitar notes, building up to brooding and mighty crescendos. Both tracks flirt with melodies abound, twisting darker and cynical elements reasoning with the songwriting.

in earnest have captured such forthright intensity to their tracks, their songwriting skills perfectly capture the honesty of living, the moments of desolation, grasping at the brighter moments where possible. This ability to touch on such raw subjects are captured in such a stunning format. As this powerful record digresses’ it’s clear there is such soulful imagery to this collection, the overall execution captures a hypnotic fragility found within the pensive lyrics fused with the delicate yet devouring folk like sound.

in earnest are about to release one of the most emotional and immersive records, they will take their audience with them to embark on a sincere realization.

The EP was produced and mixed by Peter Waterman of Longcroft Recording (Uriah Heep, Hattie Briggs) and was solely recorded in a converted barn using mobile studio equipment.


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