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Judson Claiborne Shares New Single & Announces EP

September 22, 2020
Alyce Henson

Judson Claiborne

Shares New Video/Single ‘Conditionals’

Announces New EP When a Man Loves an Omen – November 13, 2020
Out via La Société Expéditionnaire

Inspired by the enchanting and androgynous voices of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison which captivated him as a child, as well as the likes of R.E.M (Salveter’s sister was an early member of the band’s fan club and would receive phone calls and handmade memorabilia), Pixies and Rayman Carver novels, Salveter captures something pretty unique and starkly beautiful with his music.

This new EP comes off the back of four previous releases – earlier material included a slew of noteworthy guests: members of Mute Duo, Tal National, Roommate, and Drag City Records signees – as Judson Claiborne which found the band opening for Bill Callahan, John Grant and Lower Dens. As Judson Claiborne, Christopher dials down the apocalyptic murder ballads and desert dirges of Low Skies to find something more reflective and in-tune with his storytelling nature (earlier tracks reference tree-dwelling bank robbers, a self-immolating anti-war activist, a disappeared marijuana trimmer amongst other characters).

This sincere new composition is completely intoxicating- with the direct yet raw lyrics which convey such truth and human compassion as the arrangement flows throughout. The lyrics are tentatively projection with such drive, such purpose wrapped in the harmonious tones. This song is the most real musical movement of 2020, no boundaries, no eggshells being walked on- just straight up real emotion effortlessly delivered with the warm vibrant, and enchanting rhythmic instrumentation.

‘Conditionals’ mines this storytelling nature of Chris once more with him turning attention to the Climate Crisis. Chris’s wife co-founded the organization Conceivable Future that collects testimonies on how the crisis is shaping people’s reproductive lives – ‘Conditionals’ was written as a submission for the organization’s website (he plans to post it here following its release) with the lyrics explaining how the great failings of humanity have led him not to want biological children of his own: 

So many people I meet / So many things I see / Make me want to have a vasectomy / Extractivism, Capitalism, Patriarchy / These bullshit human projects don’t appeal to me”.

Christopher Salveter: Guitar, Vocals 
Jamie Topper: Percussion, Vocals
Josh Lantzy: Banjo, Vocals
Julian Rogai: Double Bass

Judson Claiborne
When a Man Loves an Omen EP

November 13, 2020
Out via La Société Expéditionnaire

1. 20 Dollar Quartet
2. Conditionals
3. I Want My Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex Back
4. Alive In Time
5. The Trimmergrant


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