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SLONK Release New Single ‘Postman’ – Out Now Via Breakfast Records

August 7, 2020

SLONK Release New Single ‘Postman’

Out Now Via Breakfast Records

Introduce yourselves to SLONK- the solo project of Joe Sherrin, also known for his work with Milo’s Planes or Let’s Kill Janice which you can find in our online store.

Today, under the moniker SLONK, Joe has released his new single “Postman”. Described as one a lo-fi orchestral gem that we’ve taken to calling an ’emo Good Vibrations’.

Beginning with vocals and down-tuned acoustic guitar, ‘Postman’ gradually builds into a shimmering crescendo of gang vocals and fluttering synths. For every gig of his across Bristol the last few years has inevitably seen crowds fervently sing along to the refrain ‘Joe, just admit, you could be a wicked postman’. Accordingly, a coterie of friends from bands such as Happyness, Fenne Lily, Mal Blum and Jamie Cruickshank were invited to fill out an incredibly catchy outro.

The single is a euphoria of emotions- dazzling notes centred around the charismatic and fun vocals. Honest and intimate lyrics are portrayed vocally with such vibrance the outlook seems more upbeat than it should be. This track is easily one of the strongest releases of 2020. This witty and whimsical track will lift you.

Contrary to the belief of many that Joe (SLONK) is in fact pursuing a  career in the Royal Mail, Postman is the first track taken from an upcoming album ‘Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years’, recorded over the last few months. It’s a pop-inflected rumination on the absurdities of teenage career aspirations and holds steady to the undercurrent of comedic pessimism present throughout SLONK’s back catalogue.

As Joe himself states: 
A few years ago a friend of mine asked me what I saw myself doing in 5 years. I had no response for her and thought it was funny that the first and only thing resembling a career aspiration which came to mind was how I unsuccessfully tried to become a postman a few times when I was a teenager.

So I wrote this bitter song about this search for aspiration and how it harvested no meaningful response to her question; only an awareness of my self-resentment for not ‘continually applying oneself’ bound together in a piping hot parcel of friendly, reliable sarcasm. 
However, having spent a few weeks of lockdown temping as a postman, I can confirm to myself that it is a dream boat of a job.

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