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Dominic Minix Releases New EP “Sun Will Show Again” Out Now Via Community Records

August 1, 2020

Dominic Minix Releases New EP “Sun Will Show Again” Out Now Via Community Records

New Orleans based multi-instrumentalist Dominic Minix has just released his powerful new EP release “Sun Will Show Again” via Community Records. Dominic produced the EP himself and is known for his years of experience with his band. Dominic has toured worldwide playing backing guitar for Solange – now the artist has created a monumental record to share with the world.

Instantly, ethereal and soothing electronica notes kick off the momentous record. Waves of complex yet equally calming organic instrumentation cascades across “No Alliances“, harmonious and dedicated vocals from Minix fuse with the elements effortlessly. The vocals ooze soul, charm and compassion- the lyrics and the lustrous vocals consume the audience. The first track from this outstanding EP release simply captivates. A swirling musical base provides the best form for Minix to weave his infectious vocal attributes for a truly compelling, complimenting and melodic arrangement

The atmosphere so elegantly curated in the first track evolves into a whole new aura as the EP flows into the next single. Substantial and jarring electronic textures build up the second single of the EP release,  “Ruckus” featuring A.J Haynes brings bold beats and high vocal notes to an addictive shorter orchestration. This more experimental take teases us with the dramatic vocal range and the brash beats beneath.

The rapid momentum of “Your Fall Is Calling You” is a brooding and intense turn on this record. This epic movement clocks in just after 7 minutes and showcases the broad ability this artist can convey. This releases posses you, it’s rhythmical outreach provides an angular and dynamic entity. It’s brash yet bountiful- distorted lyrics and lasting notes create a haunting effect.

Finally “Sleep Deep” ends with layered notes and elongated lyrics as the tempo alters once again. A sudden slow-down compared to that which went before. A new atmosphere projected yet again, sharing Dominic Minix capabilities to flirt between high intensity and mellow grooves yet always retaining an expressive deeply immersive experience.



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