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NEUROTIC FICTION Return And Release Final EP “Romance” |Release Feature

July 24, 2020


New 7″ EP Out Digitally 24th July + Physically 4th September

Bristol based post-punk iconic act Neurotic Fiction are back with their final heated release.

Romance is Neurotic Fiction‘s final record, a 4 track EP out digitally 24th July and physically as a must-have 7″ due 4th September via Specialist Subject Records.

Having called it quits in July 2019 after touring with Doe and playing the Madrid Popfest with Martha; Neurotic Fiction faded from view with a vague hint about unreleased music cast over their retreating shoulders… a year later we are excited to announce this lost treasure: their final 7” Romance.

Described as four more tracks of frantic hook filled post-punk with elements of garage, indie pop and surf. Clever, thought-provoking lyrics tucked in between tasteful riffs on a Wurlitzer. Recorded with Mark Jasper (Witching Waves / Soundsavers Studio) at Delicious Clam in Sheffield  it neatly captures the magic of Neurotic Fiction’s shimmering guitar and intertwined vocal lines. 

Neurotic Fiction originally formed as a casual recording project amongst friends with a collective history of working within the UK DIY scene in a bunch of previous projects. Following their profound debut LP Pulp Music in November, 2018- the band are set to dazzle with their new effort.

With the new record, there’s no warm-up introduction- the moment the first note plays your quickly hit with the abrasive journey of Romance. Each track on the release is hitting the 2-minute mark, the length may be short but the construction of each track is mesmerizing. Each composition is densely packed and all-consuming in their evocative and rich atmosphere. Angular, quick-paced rhythms and tailored aggression wreak havoc on opener Assimilate. This post-punk rock all-star team are back with a colossal new record ready to captivate their audience.

The second track Mi Mi Mi Mascota focuses on the swirling synth melody which hooks you, with the vocals more expansive throughout the composition. Heavily adventurous throughout, with moments of delicate and frailness found in little glimpses within the vocal delivery and the atmosphere somewhat relaxed with the surf rock elements.Whereas Leather, Bristles, Studs, Acne intensifies the beats, the driving guitars, and the accelerated lyric delivery- the track features rapid breakdowns of compelling instrumentation. The final track Happy Goth ends on a high- a bold and rampageous track.

The savagery of Neurotic Fiction’s brand of energetic melodic punk rock, their power, and primal sounds flood their high-octane collection. The band captures a raw and intimate account yet their fiery arrangements will consume you.

A final and fitting record from this powerhouse, there is an urgency within their musicial deliverance found in their visceral sound, the urgency echoes the importance of this band. Their final record and easily one of the most crucial EPs of our time.

ORDER 7″: https://bit.ly/3fYL40R
BANDCAMP: https://neuroticfictionpopband.bandcamp.com
SPOTIFY: https://spoti.fi/2CGHmuk


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