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INTRODUCING URKT – New Single ‘Rich Now’ Out Now

June 27, 2020


Duo share ‘Rich Now’, the second of their triptych of tracks

Spacey hit of experimental R&B giving crushing remix by Fever 103°

Urkt, an experimental duo split between London and Bristol, have now shared their new single ‘Rich Now‘. 

‘Rich Now’ clears through the layers of smoke left by debut single ‘Sour’, the warped vocals and clipped drums giving the track shape and purpose, pulling elements from modern R&B and experimental pop, but filtering it through the crackling, static-laden synths. It has also been given a slow, sludgy remix from Bristol’s Fever 103° (Avon Terror Corps).

Despite the seemingly braggadocious title, ‘Rich Now’ instead celebrates the support of closest friends, and the important roles they can play when people’s mental health suffers.

Urkt · Urkt – Rich Now

Rich Now seriously oozes appeal, a warmth is found within the intricate electronic elements and the soulful vocals showcase the vibrance of Urkt. Energy embraces you as the appealing track captivates.

In URKT, Harry Urquhart and Alfie Tyson-Brown have used collaboration to create a boundaryless sound, one that pushes experimental electronics into the form of contomporay pop.

Split between London and Bristol, the project took shape remotely – the pair trading ideas over the internet, vocal clips and synth textures weaving together to form dark pieces as influenced by modern pop as industrial techno. In this melding, URKT seem to embrace the feel of both cities; with genre-blending electronics creating moody, meditative backdrops to Urquhart’s deep, introverted vocals that betray a hint of paranoia behind their broody tones. 

The duo decided to share a trilogy of singles to set down a marker for the project. Each track seems completely separate to the other two, with differing energies and moods, meaning that URKT escape definition. But this is exactly the point – the duo set out to make URKT a melting pot of ideas, but funnelled through both their unique tastes.  

First single ‘Sour‘ delved into the industrial sounds that URKT are so inspired by, it’s shifting electronics and affected vocals bringing a metallic liquidity to the track that allowed it to escape being pinned down. The single also featured a bruising remix from Exit Lights (Scalping) which turned it into a piece of pummelling techno. 

The duo will soon complete the triptych but refuse to set any plans in place beyond that. Both enjoy the freedom of formlessness and lack of creative borders URKT gives them, and keeping this spirit central to the project is its driving force.

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