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Bedtime Khal New EP “Fog” Due May 15th Via Devil Town Tapes|Exclusive EP Premiere

May 13, 2020

Bedtime Khal New EP “Fog” Due May 15th Via Devil Town Tapes

Exclusive EP Premiere/Stream

On Friday 15th May, Devil Town Tapes are set to release the new EP from Michigan based artist Bedtime Khal via digital and cassette format. Their first release on Devil Town Tapes, but the third release from Bedtime Khal- this record is the perfect introduction to this bedroom project of Khal Malik.

The forthcoming release Fog, written by Khal Malik features 5 tracks and clocks in at a 16-minute runtime, Malik ruminates on topics such as love, isolation and the feeling of nostalgia. Described as taking cues from the sounds of DIIV, Real Estate and mid-2000s art rock.

The EP in its entirety exudes honesty. There’s a form of melancholy created and crafted, but within that wistful emotion the music consumes you, it moves you. You fall into a lull provided by the luscious vocals and delicate instrumentation.

Fog has perfectly captured pure emotion within Bedtime Khal’s innovative arrangements.

Ahead of the official release, we are delighted to stream the record in full below.

Black Tears begins with a bright, shimmering hook which flows throughout, ample electronic beats are subtly added to the mix. Building the direction effortlessly with changing notes accompanying the lo-fi lustrous vocals. Melodic backing harmonies cascade over your first introduction to a profound release from this artist. The illustrious single would fit so easily in the background during a life-changing moment played on your fave tv-show, it strikes a chord in the listener by delivering an atmosphere with its alluring romanticism, this track transports you to another place.

Shooting Hoops follows and builds momentum whilst uplifting you with its intricate experimental elements. Whereas Zaheer feels more of a slower intensity. As each track develops you are faced with a warmth throughout, this warmth and magical mists the tracks and shines through the deeper lyrics and buoyant textures.

Radio Silence the penultimate track, shakes you to your core. With layers of dense imagery over rapturous vocals, this is the slower track of the record, one which builds up all the momentum to its crushing finale. Before Alone ends the release on a thought-provoking finish.

The EP feels like an intimate journey, striking fluid arrangements that have an obsessive attention to the detail created. The skill that Bedtime Khal holds, is the courageous ability to move their audience within all their orchestrations.

Pre-order your copy of the cassette here – https://deviltowntapes.bandcamp.com/album/fog



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