UK pop singer Pim Stones streams single ‘We Have It All’

February 27, 2015


Having only released one demo online via Youtube, which has gone on the garner over 113,500 views, UK singer Pim Stones is preparing to release his debut EP ‘We Have It All’ on 20th April by Put Me On It.

Listening to the EP ‘We Have It All’ by UK artist Pim Stones is an intense experience. The textures of each of the four songs are rough, but also luminous – even in their most emotionally-fraught moments, like in ‘Neon Lights’, shimmering chords and a bright melody glow below the surface. Tectonic shifts between ferocity and tenderness lend ‘We Have It All’ an unpredictability that mystifies, enthrals, entices, and ultimately feels like a record that you spend months and weeks with – poring over every little detail, memorising each soaring hook – a seamless, coherent listening experience that remains in memory long after the last note has faded

Pim Stones’ music is the contradictory forces of contemplation and tempest. Hypnotic and moody, the music still retains its gorgeous melodic inflections and ethereal soundscapes, no matter how much chaos reigns under the surface.

Dressed up in crystalline melodies, Stones’ odes to loss, longing and heartbreak are buoyed by rolling, cascading drums and the gleaming edges of unhurried vocals. Hailing from north-east Essex, Stones was training to be a helicopter pilot when he began writing songs that came to him in the form of words and colours, without any clear vision of their outcome. Testing them out on friends by sending them Youtube and Soundcloud links, he found his music spreading to unlikely places like South Africa and Mexico, far transcending his British origins. It was all the encouragement he needed to start working on an EP of collected music.

The four songs on the ‘We Have It All’ EP find Pim refining his craft, making sharp adjustments and embracing the use of diffuse atmospherics in his ongoing explorations of exquisite, vivid sounds that are still warm to the touch. Writing stories of complicated friendships, dealing with the weighty subjects of religion, sexuality, morality and documenting his adventures around the world – some real and some imagined – with a central focus on his fascination with nature and our relationship to it. Stones’ sonic inspiration comes from film scores and the ability of composers like Hans Zimmer to conjure up new worlds. His own Thai and British heritage and always-curious nature opened his horizons to travel and exploration from an early age.

The debut EP “We Have It All” by Pim Stones will be released on 20th April via Put Me On It.

Artist: Pim Stones
Title: ‘We Have It All’
Label: Put Me On It
Release Date: April 20th
Format: Digital Download

1. We Have It All
2. Chaos In The Jungle
3. Neon Lights
4. The Life We Could Have Had

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Official:  | Facebook:
Twitter:  | Soundcloud:

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