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Introducing – Clwb Fuzz | New Single ‘No Heaven’ Out Now Via Libertino

April 14, 2020

Introducing – Clwb Fuzz

New Single ‘No Heaven’ Out Now Via Libertino

Cardiff’s post punk / grunge four piece Clwb Fuzz’s fearless commitment in creating an intoxicating wall of sound has already bestowed on them an impressive live reputation. That live intensity is perfectly captured by producer Tom Rees (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard) on their latest release ’No Heaven’, Clwb Fuzz first release on their perfect home- Libertino.

‘No Heaven’ is built on a darkly brooding bass line, purposive motorik drums and spiralling reverb rich guitars on which Emily whispers the lyrics in Nico’esk cool indifference.

Released at the start of April, this single has secured this band as a firm favourite. Clwb Fuzz will bewitch all, steadily and rightfully gaining momentum and fans as their music spreads further.

Emily Kocan, the bands bassist and co vocalist, explains the inspiration for the song: “Instrumentally I recall listening to a lot of The Breeders, their album “Pod” specifically I had on repeat a lot. I’ve always been a big fan of Kim Deal and her dominant bass-lines and feminine vocals with elegant yet menacing hints of filth, I really like that”

No Heaven’ exudes enthrallment, charm and attitude. A bold piece from a fresh and exciting band. The track resonates with an eerie melody, punk attributes and sets out for an addictive intense rise of sound and movement. This single solidifies Clwb Fuzz and their commendable skill of defying categorisation. This beautifully angular, fuzz dependant, hard-hitting explosive orchestration is equal parts hypnotic and sensual.

Its brazen deliverance showcases Clwb Fuzz in their element. We want to see this song being performed live with a line-up featuring The Kills, No Violet, Warpaint, Rolling Blackouts, Adwaith and Pixies to name a few.

This loud act commands your complete attention from the get-go, audacious and rightly superior.

Having been released via Libertino– it’s the perfect fit for the ever-eclectic and thrilling home of music, homegrown talent and entertainment.

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