Warm Digits share new single “Shake The Wheels Off” ft. The Orielles from forthcoming album out in April on Memphis Industries

March 24, 2020
Warm Digits
share new single 
“Shake The Wheels Off” ft. The Orielles

New album Flight of Ideas,
out April 10th on Memphis Industries

Newcastle duo Warm Digits (Steve Jefferis and Andrew Hodson) have shared their brand-new single “Shake the Wheels Off” – a collaboration with fast-rising indie-dance revisionists, The Orielles. “Shake the Wheels Off” is taken from Warm Digits new album Flight of Ideas which features guest vocals from The Lovely Eggs, Paul Smith of Maximo Park, The Orielles, and the Delgados’ Emma Pollock.

The disco fuelled “Shake the Wheels Off” is about the moment when those subjugated by archaic systems of control take their power back. The video features portraits of female engineering heroes, as Steve from Warm Digits explains:

“Shake the Wheels Off” is a collaboration with The Orielles, with whom we’ve played live and collaborated previously on a remix of their own song, “Let Your Dogtooth Grow”.

The song is about the moment when those subjugated by redundant systems of control take their power back. In common with the other songs on the album “Flight of Ideas”, it mines history to find the risks that arise when ideas become archaic: in this instance, the way research on transport safety took the male body as the norm, drastically increasing (by 47%) the risk that women would get injured in a car crash. The Orielles’ roll-call of female engineering heroes in the middle of the song heralds the moment when the balance starts to be redressed. 

The video was made by the band and long-time collaborators Chris Bate and Sarah Bouttell of Newcastle’s Film Bee collective. The imagery is inspired by post-war engineering manuals and the Highway Code. Ada Lovelace (pioneering computer programmer), Dorothy Vaughan (NASA mathematician) and Tabitha Babbitt (toolmaker) are among those female engineering heroes pictured in the film. “

The Orielles drummer, Sidonie B Hand-Halford, lent her vocals to the single, she elaborates on how the collaboration came together:

We were very excited when Andy reached out about us collaborating on some music and even more excited once we heard the demo of the tune and the brilliant concept behind it and the record as a whole! 

The references put forward were right up our street so it was easy to sink into this track and make it feel natural to guest on. I was also given the opportunity to add to the song with some lyrics of my own, which I very much enjoyed putting forward and found it refreshing and exciting that both Andy and I (as drummers) could collaborate together on this. Hopefully this will encourage other musicians who perhaps feel they lack some ‘limelight’ or creative control to write more!” 

Looking back to the history of psychology to find out what happens when ideas outlive their sell-by date, Warm Digits set up a blistering musical exchange between fluorescent agit-funk, primary-coloured synth-bounce and fizzing sheets of guitar noise. The duo effortlessly capture the kaleidoscopic abandon of their lauded live shows, whilst simultaneously exploring more tuneful territory.
In an increasingly off-kilter world where reality shifts daily, truth is merely what we decide it to be, and an avalanche of possible identities overwhelms us with possibility, it can feel like our lives are careering towards chaos down a one-way street. The question is: do we “Feel The Panic” or “Shake The Wheels Off”? With its glorious defiance and heart-bursting grooves, “Flight Of Ideas” calls to our past experience for answers, and dares us to listen.

The band have already shared “View from Nowhere” featuring Emma Pollock, “Fools Tomorrow” with Maximo Park’s Paul Smith “Feel The Panic” featuring The Lovely Eggs and “Everyone Nervous” featuring Rozi Plain. 

The album will be available as a limited Dinked edition orange vinyl on mirror board sleeve with exclusive 7” featuring two brand new, exclusive non album tracks, “Be Like Me” and “Divided Attention”. The orange vinyl with standard sleeve is available from the Warm Digits store HERE.

Warm Digits rescheduled UK tour dates, more tba shortly:
11 Sep 2020 – Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Cluny
12 Sep 2020 – Manchester, YES

Flight of Ideas Tracklisting:
Frames and Cages
Feel The Panic (feat The Lovely Eggs)
The View From Nowhere (feat Emma Pollock)
I’m OK, You’re OK
Fools Tomorrow (feat Paul Smith)
Shake The Wheels Off (feat The Orielles)
Everyone Nervous (feat. Rozi Plain)
False Positive
Flight of Ideas

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