JACKIE LYNN- Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux) shares 3rd single from alter ego alias – Hear “Dream St” LP ‘Jacqueline’, out April 10th on Drag City

March 24, 2020
Photo credit: Evan Jenkins


– Shares 3rd single & instalment in the story of ‘Jacqueline’
– Video for “Dream St.” online now here
– Album out April 10 on Drag City
– Alter ego of Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux) with
  members of Bitchin Bajas
– New album tells the story of a femme truck driver day-by-day

On April 10th Jackie Lynn will release a new album, Jacqueline, via Drag City. Today the band reveal a new single and video) from the LP entitled “Dream St.”

Jackie Lynn is the fictional alter ego of singer/songwriter Haley Fohr, also known for her indie folk project Circuit des Yeux, with Cooper CrainRob Frye and Dan Quinlivan of Bitchin Bajas. Each track on Jacqueline’ depicts a day in the life of a woman on a long haul truck driving journey, both alone and together with her own thoughts. Following previous singles and accompanying videos “Casino Queen” and “Shugar Water”, we now get a third glimpse at the life of ‘Jacqueline’.

The video for “Dream St.” was shot by Tim Breene and he says, “Jackie Lynn taxis through her past on the corridor of dreams. A vortex rippling on the windshield. A memory sparked in a cloud of smoke. Driven by unseen forces with an armload of flowers. This was shot on a screen and drawn on paper. Flat surfaces in deep space.”

Of “Dream St.” the band’s Haley Fohr notes: “I first wrote “Dream St.” as an ode to my favorite street in Chicago, Ogden Drive.  It is one of the few streets in the city that runs on a diagonal. On a good day you can catch a nice steady flow and shave minutes off of your commute.  It also used to be a part of Route 66. I can’t help but wonder if my very distinct attraction to the flow of Ogden isn’t correlated to the deep historic stream that has been going down on that specific stretch of land for decades.

‘In transit’ means to pass through, and often times it’s a situation where my body has no choice but to remain stationary, so my mind picks up the slack. In this moment of in-between-ness is where I am able to find my deepest imagination, my most intimate secrets, and my longest narrative. Everything about the making of ‘Dream St.’ was easy.  I wrote it in a breeze, and we tracked it all live in an evening. Julie Pomerleau and Bobby Conn did a fantastic job with the strings, and the session was such a dream in itself…

Right now everything seems hard.  In a time when we are all in our own cabins tucked away (yet in transit), I hope that this song can help alleviate any inner concerns one may have in isolation.” 

Jackie Lynn has been around for only a few years now, and most of them we haven’t even seen her. Didn’t take too long to get a name around town, then she disappeared. She first broke the waves with a self-titled record in 2016. The image was alluring. There were masks and a wild backstory. Something you could project up on a screen. The music was a gritty, quicksilver sound; nocturnal, high. There was press. Rumors of a cult following in Europe. She made appearances around town for about a year, then – nothing. Unless you spun the record, then it all came alive again. We do it all the time.
So we live with music and memories, and suddenly it’s 2020. And Jackie’s back. Forced off the grid, Jackie’s self-proclaimed hero-of-none’s story was one of revenge and reconciliation – but with the help of the benevolent spirit of strangers, Jackie Lynn has earned herself a second go-around. With a map as her guide, and all the weight of the world as her cargo, Jacqueline, lady of the road, is born. Each track on ‘Jacqueline’ depicts a day in the life of a woman on a long haul, both alone and together with her own thoughts.
In theory, Jackie Lynn’s ‘Jacqueline’ is the personification of internal strength, humbling endurance, and twilight introspection through the lens of a femme long-haul truck driver. In practice, Jackie Lynn’s ‘Jacqueline’ is a testament to the traditional American Band.
These 9 tracks that tell the story of ‘Jacqueline’ were written and recorded as a group, first to tape at home, then mixed at Electrical Audio by Cooper Crain.
‘Jacqueline’ track list:
1. Casino Queen
2. Shugar Water
3. Dream St.
4. Short Black Dress
5. Lenexa
6. Odessa
7. Traveler’s Code of Conduct
8. Diamond Glue
9. Control

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