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March 12, 2020
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Bristol’s finest alt-country band go ‘Full Contact’ on new single

Bristol’s primo country-punks Langkamer are sharing their latest single ‘Full Contact‘, out via Breakfast Records. With labyrinthine lyricism and serpentine guitar parts, ‘Full Contact’ is equal parts Pavement and Skynyrd; though heavier than previous releases, it still has the band’s trademark twang.

Fittingly for a song about the British school system, the music video visually details the deranged antics of a strange 1970s cult. Directed by the band’s drummer Joshua Jarman on a budget of just fifty quid, this bizarre video takes Langkamer apart and puts them back together, right in front of your very eyes.

Josh says about the song: “I had a pretty miserable time in school. It was such an absurdly strict and stifling environment. Even the classes I should’ve loved and done well in were structured in such a restrictive way as to choke any joy out of them. It’s a rotten way to spend your time. That’s what the song’s about. Plus I guess it’s kind of a tribute to the Louis Sacher novel ‘Holes’.”

The last true heroes of the old South West, Langkamer make good ol’ fashioned guitar music to get your toenails twitching and your heart strings itching. With feel-good pop hits about things like mortality, anxiety and climate change, if you don’t dig Langkamer, you’re probably a square or a narc. Or both.

Bursting onto the Bristol scene in 2018 with their debut self-titled EP, the band held tight to their alt-country instincts, with bar-stool singalongs such as ‘The Earthquake’ earning them an array of support slots including The Nude Party, Fenne Lily, River Whyless, The Wave Pictures and Will Varley.

More recently, 2019’s sophomore EP ‘Getting The Band Back Together’ truly uncovered the diverse influences behind Langkamer’s sound. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, it was the sound of four musicians working perfectly in balance, and tours of both Sweden and the UK only further brought out the subtle energy of key singles such as ‘Steel’ and ‘2CV’.

The dawn of a new decade has not stemmed the rivers of creativity. With a new single, ‘Full Contact’, planned for the first half of 2020, and an EU tour on the horizon in April, Langkamer are firmly gluing on their Stetsons and embracing a year that promises to be their own.

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