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Polar Son (FKA Porshyne) Announce New Album “Wax / Wane” Due 8th December + Share New Single “Youth”

September 18, 2023



Brighton based atmospheric rock five-piece Polar Son (FKA Porshyne) have shared details of their new album “Wax / Wane”, which is due out 8th December. The news marks a new chapter for the band who recently announced their return alongside details of their name change. To mark the announcement the band have shared a new single titled “Youth”.

Having earned plaudits from the likes of BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Alt Press, CLASH, Kerrang! Radio, Upset, New Noise Magazine, Music Radar, and more. Polar Son have developed a cult following for their borderless and ever evolving sound, whilst also playing alongside the likes of Black Peaks, The Physics House Band, and many more. Now having emerged from Middle Farm and Echo Zoo studios, where they recorded with Mark Roberts (Black Peaks / Delta Sleep etc.), Polar Son are set to return with their most expansive and experimental material to date.

The new single “Youth” is a consummate snapshot of this new sound. Alternating between moments of riff heavy cacophony and gently atmospheric, prog-tinged verses, the song culminates in an explosive convergence of these elements, laced with subtly intricate hints of electronic manipulation. All of this is pinned together by frontman Fergal Lyden’s boundless, wide-ranging vocals.

Speaking on the themes behind the single Lyden says, “it’s about the mental gymnastics people play to rationalise the unhealthy behaviours they know they need to move away from.”

You embrace the erratic experimentation from the first introduction to these lapping loops, providing a stirring influx, textured, abrasive and fierce. Then a dynamic shift rolls in to tame that aggressive intro and lead the way for the melodic vocal notes to flourish. The softness shines before the belting instrumentation unites and moves the direction towards a more raucous passage. Polar Son keep the audience hooked on this unpredictable voyage that brings ferociousness to more intimate tones, shifting their heaviness with no notice, and establishing more complex rhythms and harsh tonalities.

In all, this consuming atmosphere provides this hypnotic state for the listener to fully immerse themselves, to take on the depth of this composition and allow this journey to be their journey.

The band’s earlier material has drawn references to the likes of Tool, Dredg, Radiohead, and Kyuss, but the new album sees them forge a sound that builds outwardly on this template. Tracks such as “Gangrene” see Polar Son orchestrate a progressive epic that features intricate riffing, ambient electronica, and epiphanic sax. Whereas “Listen” sees the band fully lean into the newly introduced electronic dynamic combining minimal math-rock riffing with dark drum machine-built beats, sub-bass, and almost euphoric synth sections – all underpinned by Lyden’s vocals which flex around the instrumentation. This can also be seen on “Wax” which showcases further diversity in the band’s evolution, combining heavy industrial instrumentation with angular guitars and hook heavy, rhythmic vocals.

Polar Son are not so much moving away from the sound that has seen them earn worldwide acclaim, but are making a direct statement that they’re not afraid to push the boundaries of their compositional abilities. Over the course of eight genre-bending tracks “Wax / Wane”, the band have forged a new path for themselves, one that gives them the freedom to explore and toy with every sonic tool at their disposal, to create a sound that almost immediately sounds like their own.

“Wax / Wane” is out 8th December

1. Youth
2. Gangrene
3. Listen
4. Supply
5. Wax
6. Interlude
7. Ends Up The Same
8. Wane

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