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March 29, 2020


Sunday March 29th, Circuit Sweet celebrated it’s 11th Birthday. 11 whole years of incredible music, talent and dealing with the loveliest people in the music industry- from bands, artists, labels, PR companies, photographers, gig promoters, videographers, bloggers, reviewers, you name it we’ve worked with them. A slightly bittersweet day, posting this from isolation but still a release which we hope will connect you all to the wonderful musicians.

As a big thank you for all the support we’ve received over the last 11 years we wanted to do something meaningful, so today we unveiled a release that was incredibly special to us. Our third digital compilation release. Curated by ourselves, we contacted a handful of local, national and international artists and their labels to ask if they would contribute to our birthday release. The response from the artists we approached was overwhelming and sure enough we had a lot of help!

Celebrating 11 years of Circuit Sweet- to mark the occasion we’ve collaborated with some of our favourite artists and labels that we love to work with and we are thrilled to give you one incredible free digital release.

With new, old, live and exclusive releases from the most talented acts we’ve had the pleasure working with.

Please download the release in it’s entirety and discover such incredible talent. We are so proud to share this with you and we hope you will share this with your friends. Personal thanks to all contributing artists and labels that have helped with this release:

Ratboys, Topshelf Records, Wild Cat Strike, Small Pond, Apollo Noir, Santé Records, addy, Shasta, Dowd Records, Bonniesongs, Baba Roga, Quadrupède, XOROS, Truant Recordings, J.D Pinkus, Coup Sur Coup Records, Epic Reflexes, Strange Daisy Records, All Caps, Black Basset Records, BBCC, October Tone Records, Seven Nines and Tens, Tayne, GodNo!, Reckless Yes Records, Fun Fun Funeral, Russ Daniels, Simon Gore, Andre Drage, The Entire Gore Family, Crisman, Parachute For Gordo, Inwards, Silent Forum, Massa Circles, CLT DRP, PET CROW and Pauwels.

Thank you to all our wonderful Circuit Sweet family- to Gavin Brown, Simon Gore and to all who have contributed to pieces over the years. And a huge thank you to OM for always letting Circuit Sweet take priority, your support keeps this going.

Finally- blown away by the incredible artwork once again. A huge thank you to the brilliant Serguei Spoutnik for the artwork.

Circuit Sweet – 11 Track Listing

  1. Rayboys – I Go Out At Night
  2. Wild Cat Strike – Mustard
  3. Apollo Noir – FYAYST
  4. addy- Planted
  5. Shasta – Ciao Fun
  6. Bonniesongs – Sand Dunes
  7. Baba Roga – Masala Dance
  8. Quadrupède – Jumbo Jumbo
  9. XOROS – Futures
  10. J.D Pinkus – 11-11
  11. Epic Reflexes – Cha Cha
  12. All Caps – Black Milou 
  13. BBCC – How The Fuck Did She Survive The Nuclear Holocaust? 
  14. Seven Nines and Tens – Constants & Axioms 
  15. Tayne – Open Up
  16. GodNo! – Unholy Water 
  17. Fun Fun Funeral – Elba Sea
  18. Russ Daniels – Delaware
  19. Simon Gore & Andre Drage – Movement 6 
  20. Crisman – Cya
  21. Parachute For Gordo – Toucan Play At That Game
  22. Inwards – At Height
  23. Silent Forum – A Great Success
  24. Massa Circles – 11tiucric 
  25. CLT DRP – Worth It
  26. PET CROW – Take The Edge Off
  27. Pauwels- COQ (Live Version)

The list of thank you’s to all we’ve had the pleasure in working with so far in Circuit Sweet’s span is just endless, so to everyone and to all of our loyal supporters, it means the world. Enjoy the compilation!

A huge thank you for supporting us for 11 years- here’s to another 11!

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