L.A. Salami shares new track IT IS WHAT IT IS

February 4, 2020




L.A. Salami’s recent tracks ‘We’ll Solve It After’ and ‘My Old Friend’ have resulted in a fresh wave of attention for the Londoner’s poetic song writing talent. The two tracks have picked up radio play from Huw Stephens at Radio 1, Chris Hawkins at 6 Music and John Kennedy at Radio X, plus playlists at Spotify (Fresh Folk and Fresh Folk 2019) and Deezer (Brand New UK and New Folk). He also visited Soho Radio to perform a memorable Vinyl Session.
Now L.A. Salami shares the final single of his upcoming EP ‘Self Portrait In Sound’ (out February 4th) in the shape of the single ‘It Is What It Is’. The track is due its first play courtesy of Lauren Laverne’s While You Were Sleeping feature on 6 Music.
‘It Is What It Is’ encapsulates traits that make L.A. Salami one of the most intriguing contemporary lyricists around. His words hone in on the fine details that ultimately define a relationship, but he can also evocatively capture an otherwise mundane day-to-day moment. The song touches upon heartache and rejection: the central motif – “It is what it is” – feeling less like an acceptance of circumstance, and more of an existential awareness that much of our lives are beyond our control.
L.A. Salami commented, “This song is about coming to terms with patterns you see over and over again in life, and maybe being aware enough of them to will your own direction.”
The track is accompanied by a new lyric video. Its grainy, sepia visuals feel like watching an old VHS, which adds to the song’s nostalgic vibe.
The ‘Self Portrait In Sound’ EP is the second chapter to explore the fictional character of Papalious Stokely after last year’s ‘L.A. Salami’s Walkabout’ EP. ‘Self Portrait In Sound’ is a more introspective follow-up. It simmers with angst – losing and lacking love, fading friendships, and trying to redirect those personal failings that you’re irresistibly drawn to.
While the themes have evolved in ‘Self Portrait In Sound’, so too has the music. It steps beyond the skeletal spoken word of the previous instalment, with one foot in the stripped-back poetry of the Greenwich Village sound and another in the bolder productions of the modern alt-folk scene. ‘It Is What It Is’ demonstrates that stylistic shift as its tumultuous experiences are heightened by a fierce rush of psyche-rock guitars.
L.A. Salami’s two albums to date, ‘Dancing With Bad Grammar’ (2016) and ‘The City of Bootmakers’ (2018), have seen the London-based artist present a singular vision. His evocative, poetic lyrics span everything from grand existential questions to vignettes of everyday life as well as the affairs and anxieties of modern Britain. As NPR enthused, his “poetry channels the fierceness I first heard in Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisitedbut with a prowess found in today’s best hip-hop.”

‘Self Portrait in Sound EP’ Track List

  1. We’ll Solve It After
  2. My Old Friend
  3. Minus His Women
  4. The Unscene Supper Klub
  5. She Won’t Answer
  6. It Is What It Is
  7. Come Back For The Rest Of Me

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