NIGHT FLOWERS share 2nd single ‘Night Train’, new album ‘Fortune Teller’ due 25th October via Dirty Bingo Records

October 20, 2019
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Share new single ‘Night Train’

The 2nd track from new album ‘Fortune Teller’,
due October 25th via Dirty Bingo Records

Freshly announced as tour support for LIFE in November (dates below), Night Flowers have shared new single ‘Night Train’, the second track to be taken from the London Indie quintet’s new album ‘Fortune Teller’, due 25th October via Dirty Bingo Records.

It’s a record which serves as a love letter to the rock giants of the 20th Century, abound with widescreen tales of haunted lovers, broken dreams, neon desire, heartbreak and rebirth, all played out on nocturnal streets and moonlit motorways.

Channeling 70’s and 80’s influences, they delve across the pond and deeper into the past for inspiration than ever before, filtering it through the Dream-Pop lens that their name has become synonymous with. The result is an emotional pop record that dreams big and is not afraid to put the band’s melodic hooks and romanticism front and centre.

‘Night Train’ is a driving duet that follows two lost lovers riding the rails, seeking each other through the blossoming darkness. Pettit and Ullyart’s vocals yearn in harmony on the song’s chorus as a ripping saxophone line blasts us high into the midnight sky. Soon, the band find a moment of reflection and calm in the eye of the storm as Pettit delicately offers the eternal refrain ‘I’ll be forever where you are’, before the world crashes in around her and the whole band ride the train to the end, all sparks and solos.

The band will also celebrate the launch of their new album at a special Halloween Masked Ball at Redon (Bethnal Green), London on Thursday 31st October – Ticket link.

Album launch
Thu 31st October – Redon, London
On tour with LIFE
Sat 2, November – Think Tank, Newcastle
Mon 4, November – Sugarmill, Stoke
Tue 5, November – Cookie, Leicester
Fri 8, November – West End Centre, Aldershot
Sun 10, November – Anvil, Bournemouth
Mon 11, November – Green Door Store, Brighton
Tue 12, November – Joiners, Southampton
Wed 13, November – Forum, Tunbridge Wells

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About Fortune Teller:
 The record’s life began as a series of demos recorded and mixed by the band’s drummerZebedee Budworth at Tie Dye Studios in Sheffield, as they geared up to a second full length following their acclaimed 2018 debut album Wild Notion. Recorded live, it soon became clear that the recordings had an immediacy and emotional energy in them that reflected the rawer, exposed nature of the band’s live shows, and that the set of seven completed songs served as a perfectly formed, self contained world.

Final mixing duties were handed to the band’s long standing producer and friend Adam Jaffrey at his London-based studio Unwound, resulting in a charmed record that manages to be serious and emotional, unmistakably Night Flowers, whilst retaining a nod and a wink to some of the artists whose influences it wears firmly on its sleeve –Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and yes, Belinda Carlisle.

‘Lotta Love’ opens up with a guitar line you heard somewhere in a half forgotten dream, before falling into a deep groove; burning, smouldering synths surround and you’re floating along a deserted highway with your eye on the future and a foot in the past. Pettit sings of lost love, new beginnings and rebirth under new moons, and you’re travelling right there with her.

‘Merry-Go-Round’ picks up pace from the off with propelling drums, solid bass and a fizzy 80’s synth pop hook, inspired by the Go Go’s Jane Weidlin. Guitars crash into a verse that finds our restless protagonist sleepless and soul sick on a hot summer night. Pettit sings of losing control of an accelerating life, and implores the listener to help her break away.

Originally a sketch for a future recording, ‘Perfect Storm’ was a late addition to the track list – written and recorded in one take on an iPhone in a Hackney kitchen. The recording has an intimacy and lo-fi quality that suited the song, and it serves as a perfect breathing space and close to the first half of the album’s journey. Betraying a folk rock influence, Pettit and Ullyart harmonise of the many roads and rivers they’ve crossed to get to where they are now, and the struggles it sometimes takes to keep the motor running, on this simple and sweetly melodic tune.

On title track ‘Fortune Teller’, we’re quickly whisked awayby a dramatic, travelling power ballad, complete with big chiming guitar chords, reflective synths and thunderous drums. The lyrics invoke the seven deadly sins, moonlit motorways and an emotional crossroads as the protagonist reframes the age-old tale of riding with the devil and challenges the listener to change their own fate.

Revving up with raw, crunchy 70’s guitar hooks, ‘Carry on’ is a classic rock tune gone indie rock – think The Vaselines covering Neil Young – centred by Pettit’s reflective vocals that sing of growing up and learning from mistakes and triumphs as you contemplate the end of a summer of youth. Joined in harmony on the chorus, the lyrics implore the listener to pick themselves up, dust off and carry on regardless, head held high in the face of an uncaring world and uncertain future.

Probably the most 80’s indebted track on the album, complete with power ballad title, huge 80’s drums and big synth hooks, ‘I’ve Loved You (Such a Long Time)’ is a heartbreak song that manages to be both melancholic and celebratory, as Pettit sings us through the stages of a relationship breakdown – the denial, struggle, sadness and eventual acceptance of a love long fought for, and eventually lost. For all the time spent, not a minute wasted.

The record’s finale, ‘No Coming Down’ is a slow and reflective track. The ride is over, and everyone safe, warm and dry, if fragile and changed irrevocably. As Pettit and Ullyart harmonise on the simple lyric refrain ‘I’m alive, darling the rain ain’t falling, there ain’t no coming down.’, there is a feeling of embracing the present, letting go and gaining new insight. It’s a positive and mindful end to our journey, which ends the album on a hopeful note.


1. Night Train
2. Lotta Love
3. Merry-Go-Round
4. Perfect Storm
5. Fortune Teller
6. Carry On
7. I’ve Loved You (Such a Long Time)
8. No Coming Down

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