John Moods returns with new video ‘I Wanted You’ out via Mansions and Millions

August 4, 2019
Sebastian Urzendowsky

John Moods

New video ‘I Wanted You’ out via Mansions and Millions

John Moods is the solo project of Berlin native, Fenster co-founder, Jonathan J.

Following last year’s seminal ‘The Essential John Moods’, we’re treated to a taste of what’s to come with new video ‘I Wanted You’. A fine example of John’s outsider lounge-pop sensibilities, new material further explores the themes and juxtapositions that he delved into over the course of his debut.

A record that was mostly self-recorded while hiking along the Iberian coast, he developed a keen style which is both incredibly grounded while uniquely spacey in sound. Grooves that can at first seem immediately upbeat leave room for poignant lyricism and themes of isolation and anguish. At the heart of these tenderly crafted pop songs is a desire to get up close and personal with nature and the infinite. Moods writing is full of intuitive melodies and silky smooth harmonies.

He’s created a growing canon of contemporary soft rock hits with shimmering waves of psychedelia, with a dreamy echo of the 60s’ and 70s’ folk troubadours. 

John’s philosophy is to make healing pop music, to zoom out and explore what it means to live on a planet in the universe, to accept death, to see the cosmic humour of existence. As life in the modern world becomes increasingly fast and saturated, he believes it’s time for a new, open, modern form of radical optimism and spirituality in music and beyond.  

Live dates: 

10.08.2019 – DE Hamburg – Müssen Aale Mit Festival

18.08.2019 – BE Bioul – La Carriere #2

19.08.2019 – BE Brussels – Secret show2

23-24.08.2019 – DE Storkow – Alinae Lumr

06.09.2019 – DE Offenbach – Riviera Festival

07.09.2019 – DE Berlin – Torstraßen Festival

27.09.2019 – AT Wien – Waves Vienna

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