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BROODERS New Single “Down” Out Now

August 3, 2019

Brooders Release New Single Down

Psych-grunge Leeds three piece BROODERS are back with their latest offering. DOWN is dark, twisted and brutal on so many fronts, but ultimately serves as an encouragement to be more open and to speak to those around you about the thoughts and feelings that plague you.

Having released their new single at the tail end of July- it’s one you’ll have stuck on repeat.

Adam Bairstow, singer with BROODERS, talks about the new single: “Down is written about the highs and lows of life. It talks about how easy it is for a person to crumble under the pressure of the world around. The song speaks about how bottling up emotions and feelings can ultimately be the demise of a person’s wellbeing. The song takes a twisted turn as it moves onwards and the listener discovers what the implications of these actions can lead to. This gives the choruses new meaning as the song takes a more sinister look at how a mindset can be completely crushed under the weight of internalising.”

DOWN is a fast-paced enigmatic single, a ferocious composition yet addictively melodic. DOWN highlights Brooders ability to create such a big sound from just 3 people. The single is so full bodied- a refreshing take from such a promising act- a dark and intense theme projected as big, bold, intricate and compelling.

DOWN is the fourth BROODERS release of the year. The release is aided with the support of HELP MUSICIANS UK as part of their Do It Differently Fund.

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