Belle Mt. Releases New Video “Origins” Featuring Animation By Mustashrik Mahbub

August 18, 2019
Matt Lincoln

Belle Mt. Releases New Video “Origins” Featuring Animation By Mustashrik Mahbub

Acclaimed Visual Artist and Collaborator With Ed Sheeran, Elvis Costello Debut EP Volume I Out Now

Produced By Grammy Award-Winning Femke Weidema

London-based songwriter Belle Mt. has released a new video for his recent single “Origins.” Featuring hand-drawn animation, the video evolves from what at first glance appears to be an unassuming experimental sketch into an expansive and emotional cosmic narrative. The song was written in the wake of a rush hour car crash in Atlanta that Belle Mt. was involved in, and his subsequent reflections on life, love, mortality and loss. 

The video was produced by the visual artist Mustashrik Mahbub, who recently produced animation visuals for Ed Sheeran’s live show and directed Elvis Costello’s video for “Suspect My Tears.”  “Origins” is currently streaming via Atwood Magazine who writes, “Perfectly complementing Belle Mt.’s message of hope and love, the video helps to elevate the song’s nuanced focus on connection and the importance of focusing on the people who matter the most.”

Belle Mt. writes, “I love the ‘Origins’ music video that Mustashrik has created. It’s beautiful visually and its story carries so much depth, showing the future that we’re heading for if we don’t start to address the current climate crisis. He’s managed to take that warning and romanticise it with the idea that one of mankind’s final acts from earth could be to spread the life that emerged on this planet to other worlds. Sometimes I interpret this as an end of earth story and sometimes as a prequel to the earth story.” 

Belle Mt. (spoken “bell-mont”) is a project conceived by songwriter and lead singer Matt Belmont, after a 2-year endeavor of expression and development writing in solitude at the foothills of the French alps. There Matt started experimenting with a new epic, cinematic sound mirroring his surroundings and the beautiful mountain views, developing the raw basis of a sound that would find its way into the hands of Nashville-based, Grammy award-winning producer Femke Weidema. As a former collaborator of prolific film composer Hans Zimmer, Femke’s production reflects a deep knowledge of rich layering and the creation of dramatic soundscapes. 

Belle Mt.’s 2018 EP Volume I has to date been streamed over 25M times, with lead single “Hollow” receiving over 16M streams and airplay on KCRW, Austin City Limits radio and BBC Introducing UK. Volume I is available to stream or download here:

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