HAVELOCKE release new track ‘Shudder’

July 8, 2019

HAVELOCKE release new track ‘Shudder’

From the upcoming EP ‘This Is Havelocke’ 
(Out on 2nd August via Just Exist Records)

Havelocke have released another cut from their forthcoming EP ‘This Is Havelocke’, which will be unveiled in full on 2nd August. “Shudder’s lyrics are oddly bittersweet,” says vocalist and guitarist Owen Cousins. “It’s about feeling like everything is going okay for once but feeling lost in that feeling, not really wanting to believe it and not knowing what to do with it.” 

The Sheffield punks recently supporting Holding Absence in Doncaster and have a special EP release party lined up at The Church Temple of Fun venue in their hometown on 26th July.

Havelocke are ready to cause a stir with their new EP, which will be released via new UK label Just Exist. As its title suggests, the EP will be a baptism of fire into the world of Havelocke and an introduction to those flames first came in the form of its first single ‘Faceless’, ‘Shudder’ gives further insight into the band’s unique sound and approach. 

All tracks on ‘This Is Havelocke’ are unequivocally “Havelocke” delivering an original sound, which is born from a shared love of all things emo, punk, and hardcore. Do not mistake the band’s intent though. This isn’t just the lovechild of My Chemical Romance, AFI & Alexisonfire, this is the dysfunctional adult It was doomed to be and ready to set the world ablaze. 

This is Havelocke. 

July 26th – The Church, Temple of Fun, Sheffield – EP release party

Owen Cousins – Vocals, Guitar  
Hope Thackray – Guitar, Backing vocals
Jack Taylor – Drums
Jacob Clark – Bass, Backing vocals


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