BREATHER release second single ‘Hollow’

April 15, 2019

BREATHER release second single ‘Hollow’

BREATHER made an impression with the release of their debut single ‘The Blue’ last month with the track getting plays on both BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang! Radio. Now they’re following it up with ‘Hollow’, an equally affecting single with a dark nostalgia about it. “Hollow is about holding on to the past so tightly that it blinds you from the present;” says vocalist and guitarist Sam Irvine. “It’s the thought of someone once lost still haunting you. Your love has been left with them, leaving you feeling absent in your own body.”

The members of Breather have played in bands before but it wasn’t until the three of them came together with the idea of forming a new entity that Irvine realised he could actually sing lead, having only sung backing vocals in the past. And his is a voice that carries melody effortlessly and with a unique quality that sets the band apart from their peers.

Breather are:

Sam Irvine – Vocals, Guitar  | Ryan Gilbanks – Guitar | Casey McHale – Drums

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