March 17, 2019
Miriam Marlene Waldner

German duo Gurr are back with a new EP titled ’She Says,’ due for release on April 5th. A lot has happened in their world since the released their 2016 debut “In My Head,” including the band winning best European album at the IMPALA Awards. Musically they draw inspiration across multiple genres, from contemporary dream pop wonders Beach Fossils to psychedelic classics such as The Velvet Underground.

Out now ‘Fake News’ is the third single to be previewed from the EP and the girls had this to say on it: “‘Fake News’ was a direct response to what was going on (and still is) politically at the time, and the growing gap I feel between people leaning both left and right. I think with press and algorithms, we are only fed the kind of news we already believe in and agree with, which is super dangerous. The song then connects that to an experience I had when we visited the the BBC for an interview with Huw Stephens. We went inside and there was this gigantic newsroom with so many screens but no windows at all. I found that a bit disturbing: Like here’s the people making the news and they can’t look outside.” 

Laura Lee & Andreya Casablanca AKA Gurr 

The track will be accompanied by a visual by New York based visual artist Shelby Sells, which is due out in the next week or so. The duo are currently in the middle of SXSW, followed by tours in Germany and USA next month.  ‘She Says’ was recorded with New York producer Mathew Molner (Sunflower Bean, Friends) and Berlin based producer Tobi Kuhn at the UFO studios in Berlin.

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