Mesadorm share dramatic new video for ‘Yours And Not Yours’

March 8, 2018

Photography by Sarah Cresswell

‘Yours And Not Yours’
Mesadorm is a project formed in 2015 between 5 long term friends. it is a collaborative project – a combination of each member’s musical and artistic influences creating an array of musical concepts and timbres but always beholden to the unique world of each song.
Every member is a high calibre performer in their own right and have played, written and/or recorded with such artists as Goldfrapp, MIKA, Paloma Faith, Rae morris, The Magnetic North, John Metcalfe, The Unthanks and Hannah Peel.
New single ‘Yours And Not Yours’ is taken from Mesadorm’s forthcoming album ‘Heterogaster’, which will be released in Spring 2018. Beautifully poised with a sense of longing, interspersed by a unifying and intensely dirty synth line, the track showcases not only the bands unique sound and songwriting style, but the astounding production used to strike a perfect balance between pop and experimentation. Rich vocal harmonies are beautifully layered over sparse synth and trip-hop beats reminiscent of the likes of Lamb and Massive Attack.

“YANY is a purging song for me” explains Blythe, “It has something of the moment when self-doubt and doubt in everything around us collides. A special kind of doubt I think us ‘beneficiaries’ of the Western Capitalist model are now experiencing. The kind where, perhaps at a certain destabilising point in your life, the kind faces of friends and family and lovers melt into the smiles of the adverts forced upon you for addictive crap you don’t need. It has something of the taste of looking for home when everything you’ve been grown to enjoy carries the smell of burnt flesh and deceit. After that you must learn to look for what joy really is to you because the potential to fill yourself up with the other stuff is very real and very easy and all the while someone else is dying for your comfort on the TV screen.”
“The video for Yours And Not Yours is my second collaboration with Director Tom Jacob. It plays on the theme in the song of loving to hate and hating to love something significant in your life. We use ‘a woman living with a sex doll’ as an analogy and all that fascinated us within that current hot topic. Consent and sex means a lot to me and Tom – we talk about it all the time – so we ended up most excited about making this kitchen sink style thriller, dwelling on how consumerism affects our relationships, our sexuality our sense of home, safety and desire.”
Blythe Pepino (singer/songwriter – Mesadorm) recently parted ways with the band Vaults after a three year stint signed to Virgin Records. Although the project ended amicably she struggled to feel at home in the realm of popular music and never lost her passion for the strange and left-field. Gratefully she returns to the world of arthouse music armed with an album brimming with psychedelic ideas and philosophical observations. Expect delightfully mellifluous melodies juxtaposed with stark Bjork-esque electronic beats from upcoming producer Aaron Zahl.
Mesadorm are; Blythe Pepino (Vox/Keys), Aaron Zahl (Guitars/Production), Daisy Palmer (Drums/Bvs), David Johnston (Bass/Bvs), Jo Silverston (Cello/Bvs).

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