Perfect Beings discuss new album, live shows, and new drummer Sean Reinert

February 4, 2018


Sean Reinert, Ryan Hurtgen, Jesse Nason

Perfect Beings discuss new album, live shows, and new drummer Sean Reinert


LA progressive rock outfit Perfect Beings have just released their latest album and debut for InsideOut/Sony Music, Vier.  The album finds the band at their experimental best with a diverse collection of tracks including the first two singles, “Anunnaki – Patterns of Light” and “Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers.”


In a new video, members Ryan Hurtgen and Jesse Nason, along with Sean Reinert,
(Johannes Luley does not appear in the video) talk about the new album, how Reinert joined the band and upcoming shows. 


You can see the video here:


“…their most adventurous record to date.” -Prog Magazine


“Vier is a fascinating work. Not only does it possess astounding variety and scope internally, but it also expands the group’s formula in stunning ways.” -The Prog Report


“The genre has been around for so long that you would assume that it’s all been done by now. And then a band comes along that actually pushes things forward and challenges the listener. Perfect Beings are that band. Progressive Music Planet


Videos from ‘Vier’:
“Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers”
“Anunnaki – Patterns of Light”

The album is available on CD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP(+CD) & digital download here:




  Vier tracklisting:

   Guedra – 18:23

A New Pyramid

The Blue Lake of Understanding


Enter the Center


The Golden Arc – 16:47

 The Persimmon Tree

Turn the World Off


For a Pound of Flesh


Vibrational – 18:17

The System and Beyond

Mysteries, Not Answers

Altars of the Gods

Everywhere at Once



Anunnaki – 18:42

14.  Lord Wind

Patterns of Light

A Compromise

Hissing the Wave of the Dragon

Everything’s Falling Apart



About the band:

Singer Ryan Hurtgen originally met Johannes Luley as a client in Luley’s Los Angeles-based recording studio, My Sonic Temple. Luley, who was instantly impressed with his personality, song-crafting skills, and voice, asked Hurtgen to join him on a new project. This new group was going to continue the path Luley’s former band Moth Vellum had set out on. The two became fast friends and soon put together a full band which would also include founding member Jesse Nason on keyboards. After releasing Perfect Beings (2014) and II  (2015) to critical acclaim, a few personnel changes occurred that left the band without a rhythm section. The guys decided they wouldn’t be deterred, even by such a major setback. Instead, they hired Minneapolis transplant Ben Levin to play the drums on their next album, with Luley taking over the bass spot in addition to playing guitars. The result is the exhilarating double album, Vier. As the group got closer to completing the record, they approached InsideOut, whose label chief Thomas Waber had shown interest a couple of years earlier. The parties agreed to join forces and release the record in early 2018. Levin dropped out and progressive rock drumming phenom Sean Reinert joined the band to add even more life force to an already powerful and highly skilled group, which also includes Jason Lobell on bass. The band can be seen in its current lineup at RoSfest 2018, early May in Gettysburg, PA.


Perfect Beings are:
Ryan Hurtgen – vocals; piano
Johannes Luley – guitars; bass
Jesse Nason – keyboards
Sean Reinert – drums; percussion

Jason Lobell – bass

Brett McDonald – sax and flute



Perfect Beings online:

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