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Rad Releases ’17 – We’re No Heroes

December 21, 2017

It’s that time once again, as the countdown to the end of 2017 rapidly approaches we take a personal look back on familiar names, features and musicians’ best releases of the past 12 months. In what has been a crazy year of highs and lows it’s the releases that have pulled a lot of people through the year. Now in it’s 7th year, Circuit Sweet will be hosting takeovers from the featured artists/musicians/labels and promoters of the site with their personal top 5 releases of the year.

Kick starting our annual end of year tradition we let our favourites take over the site to tell us the records that have made their end of year lists, their favourite events/gigs and what we can look forward to from them next year.

Our next take over comes from the incredible We’re No Heroes. Consisting of Tom Collins- Guitar + Vocals, Michael Owen- Bass + Vocals and Luke Llewellyn – Drums + Vocals, the three piece deserve your attention. The Cardiff based trio are masters of  creating compositions destined to make you move, earlier this year they released their stand out ultimate summer single ‘Youth‘. We can’t wait to see where the future takes this band but for now they share more about their year in music.

Our Top 5 releases of the year.

– Alex Cameron – Forced Witness

– Boy Azooga / Buzzard 12″ Split EP

– Gallops – Bronze Mystic

– King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana

– Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

The best show you have played this year and why?

Luke: One that sticks out this year for us was our support slot in Clwb Ifor Bach on VANT’s last ever tour. Everyone was in a good mood any way so that helped, but we took things up to fucking 11 and beyond. We had so much fun and the crowd joined in with us having fun and it was all really magical & cosmic and a little bit dangerous but in a safe, fun way. There was a ruckus. It was truly special and we were grateful for everyone that gave us a chance to show them how far we can take it. Another, very similar to this but a little more intimate was The Social in London. Something just clicked that night and we were pure fluid & well oiled which felt incredible.

The best gig you have attended and why?

Luke: Black Sabbath’s last ever show in January was incredible. I had shivers down my spine and goosebumps all over when they nailed Into The Void. The support band Rival Sons who I’ve been listening to a long long time were absolutely incredible too and their singer Jay Buchanan is the greatest singer outside of the 1970’s.Highlights of your year?

Luke: I felt from the beginning 2017 was an unusual year for us. A lot had happened to us all at home so juggling everything life throws your way with trying to keep our fans interested was a challenge we faced this year more so than any previous years I can remember. We had some great moments which helped alleviate this and remind us why we do this. Playing the UEFA Champions League was a real highlight. To be involved with a live music event on such a huge international level was mind boggling. Dewey & TC are big football fans so that was especially exciting for them at the time.

Being involved in the re-opening our one of Cardiff’s greatest music venues The Moon which sadly closed but then rose out the ashes to continue to provide the city with an all inclusive space for bands on all levels to play together which is essential to any city. Supporting We Are Scientists was a real honor and those guys are real funny and kind. Releasing YOUTH, our latest single felt great and it was received real well by our fans which we were very grateful for.

Artist/Band to watch for 2018?

Luke: Look out for Cardiff & Wales taking over the British Isles. It’s our turn now. We got Buzzard, The Kicks, Rainbow Maniac, Sock, Oblong, Boy Azooga, MILK, Estrons, My Name Is Ian, Chroma, Palomino Party, SUNS, Lacertillia, The Tates, Jemma Roper, Samoans, HORSES and many other greats on their way up.

Plans for the New Year?

Luke: We’ve got some big tunes due out. I think the new stuff is the closest representation on record we’ve ever made of how we sound live so far. We’ve always seen the studio and the live thing as complete separate entities but this time around we’re trying to integrate them more so than we’ve ever tried before. What I feel has never truly come across on any of our records is the pure blazing spirit of the live experience. To get as much of that as possible on record is the goal.


Thank you team WNH, always a pleasure. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you all.

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