April 16, 2017



New self-titled album out Friday 21st April

Yep Roc recording artist Robyn Hitchcock continues to celebrate the April 21st release of his self-titled new album, with the unveiling of his new video for the song “Raymond & The Wires”. Getting its premiere via Salon over the weekend, the clip pulls together imagery from Hitchcock’s present and past as homage to his dad, the science fiction writer and cartoonist Raymond Hitchcock. The song is perhaps the most personal song on Robyn Hitchcock, possibly the most explicitly personal one in his 40-year songbook.  An evocative ode to memory and progress, “Raymond & The Wires” sees Hitchcock peering back through the fog of time to examine the still-impactful influences of trains, trams, and trolleys and his late father. Mojo describe it as “a beautiful reverie about his father, that show his gift for capturing little epiphanies as they scurry out from life’s clutter.”

“This video is a collage of years and Hitchcocks, assembled by Jeremy Dylan from archive trolleybus footage; from my family’s home movies; and from film he shot of me recently,” says Hitchcock. “I’m singing the song on a tram in Melbourne, Australia about a trolleybus ride I took with my late father Raymond in Reading, England in 1964. In these clips Raymond, resplendent in early 1970s porno moustache, is younger than the present-day me is now. My current self is also in there perving over some beautiful vintage trams in San Francisco. There’s a glimpse of 13- year-old me stepping out of a boat to greet my sister Fleur, who now in later life is an author and incidentally supplied Jeremy with the old family film. And 39-year-old me peers for a second from a weeping elm tree at Raymond’s wake in 1992. His favourite folk band, the Yetties from the West of England, gave us all a free show – what a night! Raymond liked a nice tune. This would probably have embarrassed him, given what a distant English family we were. But his spirit loves acknowledgement, I like to think: and I’m sure he lives through me as fully as any ghost. On ya, dad!”

Hailed by Uncut as “the psych maverick’s loudest, liveliest album in decades,” Robyn Hitchcock is available now for pre-order, with all digital pre-orders accompanied by instant downloads of the metamorphic first single, “I Want To Tell You About What I Want,” album highlight, “Mad Shelley’s Letterbox,” and new single “Raymond and The Wires.”

Robyn Hitchcock was recorded in Nashville, TN, with producer Brendan Benson and backing by a crack band of fellow Music City pickers and players that includes guitarist Annie McCue, bassist Jon Estes, and drummer Jon Radford. Harmony vocal contributions come courtesy of Emma Swift, Grant Lee Phillips, Gillian Welch, and Wilco’s Pat Sansone.

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