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Western Daughter- Driftwood Songs | Album Review Special

March 19, 2017

Western Daughter- Driftwood Songs 

Western Daughter are an act we are desperate for our readers to fall in love with. A band we discovered at the tail end of 2015, an act who have since grown enormous amounts. This month March 2017 the band are about to release their debut album- and it’s unreal.

Boise, ID based quintet Western Daughter are a talented 5 piece act consisting of Cameron Brizzee, Jess Hope, Zach Sherwood, Taylor Raymond and Taylor Robert Hawkins. Seeing in the New Year with the news the band have joined the incredible family of Take This To Heart Records, this band are about to release one of the best records of 2017, just day’s from being released Western Daughter are on the edge of releasing a masterpiece.

Driftwood Songs is a 9 track album which perfectly showcases this band’s talent, their ability to tune into the listeners emotions and a record which has captured the perfect introspective indie rock. Skinny Water kicks the album off with its compelling rhythm, driving drum beat and vocals which mesmerise, at times reminiscent of early Shins until the chorus displays an anthemic perspective, described as a buoyant indie anthem this track hooks you and effortlessly entices you to indulge in more from this band.  Exhibition of Main Street pelts you into a high octane orchestration, heightening your senses with the energy projected. Taylor Hawkins‘ vocal skills uplifts the track, the musician is a pure frontman in every sense. This band gives each musician a platform to showcase their genius, and with this explosive anthology of hard-hitting instrumentation, you can tell you’re onto something very special. ‘When You Go Out Tonight’ slows the record down for it’s honest, stripped back track, capturing and reflecting the bands raw emotion, a gorgeous and somewhat intimate affair displaying the acts virtuous intentions.  The tentative release finishes with ‘Control’, again another new direction for the act as they create a more darker and moodier projection, yet one that remains equally intense and illustrious; Western Daughter are masters at skill-fully keeping the listener engaged.

In it’s entirety the record effortlessly flows from track to track resonating in sincerity. Despite the comparisons to Built to Spill, MewithoutYou and Modest Mouse, Western Daughter are something of their own. Capturing a personal and tenacious collection of orchestrations; the record projects the divine balance of lyrical ingenuity and musical ferocity. Driftwood Songs is one of the strongest, confident album releases we’ve come across and this record will undoubtably stand the test of time. Each musician have combined indie pop and their own punk attributes, fused with soulful melodies a commendable energy. This raucous indie punk band have used their lo-fi traits,  compelling lyrics, addictive emo-esque vocals and their full sound to create something so unique.

Western Daughter can and will soundtrack your world. Playing on whatever emotional state the listener is in, Western Daughter are one of very few bands that can appeal to any affectivity and engage with all who hits play. A talent that such a fresh act already conveys.

Driftwood Songs will be released March 24th on 12″/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records

    1. Skinny Water
    2. Exhibition On Main St.
    3. Pillars Of Salt
    4. Busy, Busy, Busy
    5. San Francisco
    6. Driftwood Songs
    7. You And Me, Unbound
    8. When You Go Out Tonight
    9. Control

Pre-order now at: http://www.takethistoheartrecords.com/products/585234-western-daughter-driftwood-songs


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