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NAH Reveals New Video And EP In Support Of Tour

March 12, 2017

Nicky Wetherell

NAH Reveals New Video And EP In Support Of Tour 

“At times, [NAH] almost seems to be imagining a primitivist version of footwork, jettisoning the polyrhythmic intricacy of RP Boo in favour of a grinning, stoned slackness.” The WIRE

As long as drums are at the center of things, NAH will do it. At times he is a hip hop producer, using a drum kit as his studio console. At others he is a one-man hardcore band. He has even sculpted the score to a manga entirely from percussion. Noisy instruments segue seamlessly into driving dance floor rhythms. Vocals come and go like they are carried on a rhythmic breeze. Then suddenly buildings topple. There is a controlled destruction here, with seemingly endless fodder.

“the aim of NAH’s unsettling music is to obliterate any expectations of melody and song structure, before getting to work on your eardrums.” – NME

In celebration of a European tour starting at the end of March, NAH has released a new cassette and music video entitled ‘hiver en neuf morceaux’. This raw adventure in sound defies it’s 15 min length with visitations to many bleak and gritty worlds. While dense rhythms, perfect for ecstatic dancing, lead the listener into this trip, the ultimate destination is one of the most abstract locales NAH has ever taken us to.

“hiver en neuf morceaux / IV” music video: https://youtu.be/A5GjsxPG7Mo

Streaming audio:https://nahstuff.bandcamp.com/album/hiver-en-neuf-morceaux

Tour Dates:

3/29 Berlin, DE @ Urban Spree
3/30 Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
3/31 The Hague, NL @ REWIRE Festival
4/1 Ghent, BE @ 019
4/4 Cologne, DE @ Sonic Ballroom
4/5 Liege, BE @ Kultura
4/6 Paris, FR @ SuperSonic
4/7 Brussels, BE @ Ancienne Belgique w/ Wolf Eyes
4/15 Athens, OH @ The Union
4/23 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Wolf Eyes
6/5 Kortrijk, BE @ De Kreun
6/9 Antwerp, BE @ deSingel


The NAH website.
NAH on Instagram.

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