Dan Deacon premieres track from ‘experimental instruments’ comp at Stereogum- 2xLP also features David Grubbs, Silver Apples, Oval, Jad Fair, et al.

January 3, 2017

Stereogum premieres Dan Deacon track from forthcoming ‘experimental instruments’ compilation 
I Said No Doctors! 2xLP features Silver Apples, David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Bastro), Oval, Jad Fair, String Noise, et al. 

“At two LPs deep, it is a highly stacked tour of musicians discovering all sorts of ways to contribute to (or rip up) the legacy of instrumentation.” — Tiny Mix Tapes

NYC label Dymaxion Groove premieres a new track today from the forthcoming double-LP compilation of artists working with experimental instrumentation to create new and unique sounds. I Said No Doctors! features such legends as Silver Apples, David Grubbs, Oval, Dan Deacon, Jad Fair and more. Stereogum shares Dan Deacon’s “Opal Toad Segment” today, available to hear and share HERE.
Silver Apples recently shared a video for their compilation track via Tiny Mix Tapes. The video for “The Mist” (along with an insightful interview) is available to watch and share HERE. (Direct YouTube.)
I Said No Doctors! double-LP is a compilation of the most groundbreaking artists of current and past decades who have redefined sound by creating and destroying musical instruments to fit a specific sonic character and method of music-making.
During this audio journey we hear Silver Apples‘ Simeon Coxe combining bench oscillators, sound filters, telegraph keys and radio parts into one of the first electronic instruments. David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Bastro, Squirrel Bait, The Red Crayola) plays an alligator-clip prepared guitar. Markus Popp‘s composition features his Oval Process software. Indonesian noise band Senyawa plays a modified Javanese farm plough. Dan Deacon generates an atonal barrage of MIDI-triggered pin-point notes from an acoustic grand piano. Jad Fair‘s custom guitar, in which the neck attaches to the body using a system of rubber bands, allows dramatic bends. Bismuth, featuring Yuri Landman (who has built guitars for Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth) performs on prepared guitars and other instruments created by his Hypercustom Guitars. Ciat Lonbarde‘s Peter B plays the Deerhorn synthesizer.
The compilation is curated by Dymaxion Groove founder Tom Tolleson, who plays a modified Fender Jazzmaster with a ¾ ratio of separate playable strings over two pickups on the album as well.
I Said No Doctors! is a celebration of sound and artistry beyond the range provided by standard musical instruments.This double-LP is available in two variants, colored and black vinyl,
both 180-gram, each with a digital download card.
I Said No Doctors! will be available on 2xLP and download on January 18th, 2017. Pre-orders (with immediate download of the Silver Apples track) are available HERE.
Artist: Various Artists
Album: I Said No Doctors! 
Record Label: Dymaxion Groove
Release Date: January 18th, 2017
01. Silver Apples “The Mist”
02. Dan Deacon “Opal Toad Segment”
03. Tom Tolleson “Kosciuszko”
04. Jason Willett “And I Mean It”
05. Bismuth “Cola Kid”
06. Senyawa “Anak Kijang”
07. David Grubbs “Awkward Silences I Have Known”
08. GOTHgsb “The Interconvertible Three”
09. String Noise “Parallel Noise Construction”
10. Jad Fair “Big Boots”
11. Oval “ISND”
12. Neil Feather “Ride of the Popcorn Valkyries”
13. Slumberland “Hunting Hunting”
14. Peter B “Deer Biphenyl”
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