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Already Dead Tapes Announce First Release of 2017: Complainer- ‘Floodplain’

January 7, 2017

The latest release from a label that just does not stop- introduce yourselves to Complainer and their debut album ‘Floodplain’ which is out now on Already Dead Tapes and Records.

Complainer features Mabel Suen (guitar, vocals) and Joe Hess (drums, vocals), ex-Spelling Bee, playing a unique and raw blend of noise-punk. ‘Floodplain’ is the duo’s debut album and was recorded at Loundry Room, a literal laundry room in the small town of Hückelhoven, located in western Germany.  Jörg A. Schneider (Jealousy Mountain Duo, Nicoffeine) invited the duo, lent them equipment and engineered the project over two days. Instruments were recorded live with no overdubs while the vocals were recorded in St. Louis, Missouri by Andy Peterson (Trauma Harness) at an old Lemp Brewery warehouse space.

Flooplain is pure insanity. From the get go the immediacy of this record will make it one of the most outrageous albums you will hear all year. Think Melt Banana meets Lightning Bolt with a brawler deliverance. The power on this record is something else, capturing a unique blend of abrasive punk rock, addictive riffs and forcible vocals.

Track listing
2. Shoplifters
3. Dope
4. Guts
5. Caffeine
6. Bored Organs
7. Nervous Currents
8. Busybody

Listen to the album in full streaming below and available now:

The album was mastered by prolific Germany record producer Guido Lucas, known for founding bluNoise Records and the kraut rock collective Lude.

The album’s artwork was created by Curtis Tinsley, an ADT&R alum, whose work has been featured in VICE, Village Voice, Eleven Magazine, and more.

Complainer has a timeless sound. The St. Louis post-punk duo (formerly known as Spelling Bee) would fit in with a giant crate of decades-old punk records. The Floodplain EP is a lo-fi haven flooded with buzz, hum and hiss. It’s constantly moving forward with haste punching out riff after riff in a freeform swirl. Vocals bounce back and forth atop a wave of hi-hats and crashes filling up 8 tracks that feel more like one longer piece. It becomes mesmerizing…soothing.

The same framework from the band’s 2012 release, Caterwaul, remains. It is not apparent who is following who or what came first, the riff or the beat, it exists as a wall of sound. Floodplain, however, feels in many ways more stripped down while also sounding fuller than previous releases. There are fewer pedals at play perhaps, but Mabel plays with more urgency, filling up space with sheer power. The immense concentration required to create a record so tightly wound passes on to the listener making for something of a catatonic experience. Floodplain is the perfect example of a “close your eyes and take it in” record moving beyond punk into atmosphere. Also, my two year old niece really dug it so big ups for that! Fun for all ages.”Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Already Dead Tapes are a small label with the biggest heart. This brilliant label is effortlessly going from strength to strength, gaining quite a reputation for the amount of incredible records and the talent they are releasing, their aim is to produce and distribute small editions of tape and vinyl. Already Dead Tapes have kicked their year off on a high with Complainer now on their roster; we are excited to hear the level of releases set to follow this outstanding record.



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