Omni share video for “Wire”- Debut album out 8th July on Trouble In Mind

May 29, 2016
Coco DeTeau

Coco DeTeau

Omni share video for new single “Wire”
Debut album Deluxe out July 8th
on Trouble in Mind


“Omni manage to sound both methodical and unrestrained, and mesmerizing the whole way through.” – Pitchfork

Atlanta’s Omni is back with another new cut from their debut album, Deluxe, in the form of “Wire.” Debuting via Aquarium Drunkard, the single is paired with a video directed by the band’s own Frankie Broyles and follows the equally excellent “Afterlife.”  It’s an exciting one-two punch from a brand new band on the verge.


Omni  distill the buzz and grit that snakes through the best of Television, Devo, and Pylon into surprisingly danceable, hook-laden slabs of raw, angular, sonic bliss. It’s still the summer of ’78, and pushing the roots of rock & roll to its limits remains in vogue.Their debut album, Deluxe, serves as a fresh reminder that rock music can work outside of blues rooted, formulaic progressions without playing it safe behind a wall of effects. Arty enough to impress record enthusiasts, yet melodically attractive enough to transcend to those who’ve never asked: “Sister Midnight” or “Red Money?”

Omni is guitarist Frankie Broyles (ex-DeerhunterBalkans), bassist/vocalist Philip Frobos (ex-Carnivores) and drummer Billy Mitchell(ex-Carnivores).

Omni’s Deluxe is out July 8th on Trouble In Mind and currently available to pre-order viaiTunes.

“Wire” stream –
“Afterlife” video –
“Afterlife” stream –
1. Afterlife
2. Wednesday Wdding
3. Wire
4. Earrings
5. Jungle Jenny
6. Cold Vermouth
7. Eyes On The Floor
8. Siam
9. Plane
10. 78

Pre-order Deluxe:

Omni online:

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