Introducing diverting duo – New Video Revealed For ‘Here and Elsewhere’

October 13, 2015



d i v e r t i n g / / d u o


Low b.p.m lovers, diverting duo returns with the mesmerising video for ‘Here and Elsewhere’.

To sum up their gentle sound, all you have to do is imagine sitting on a mountain watching the calming colours of a summer’s dusk, whilst listening to warm guitar reverb, pleasingly combined with electronic drums and synthesisers.

The video for ‘Here & Elsewhere’ is full of melting amethyst colours, further emphasising it’s charming production.

The video has been directed by diverting duo/Tiny Speaker, and is taken from their ‘Desire’ album, which is out on 27 October via Etch Wear (Norway) and DeAmbula Records (Italy).

diverting duo is an ethereal wave/dream pop duo based in Sardinia, developed by Sara and Gianmarco.

Influenced by the 80’s and 90’s dark wave/shoe gaze bands, but also by the new synth pop and minimal electronic music scene, diverting duo’s music is often described as introspective, otherworldly, hypnotic and evocative.

Their most recent release, ‘Fade/Rise EP’, has been a stepping stone for the band, gradually moving over three years from folk-pop, to a well-structured dream pop, using old fashioned synthesisers and electronic beats. Sara is also collaborating with the Luxembourg based artist Sun Glitters. She took part in his album ‘Scattered Into Light’, adding her voice to several tracks.

After two full length albums and one EP, diverting duo is now ready to release their third album ‘Desire’ on Etch Wear (Norway) and DeAmbula Records (Italy).

‘Desire’ will be out on October 27 2015.

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