SQUAREPUSHER: classic albums to get deluxe reissues on WARP + three new SHOBALEADER ONE full live band gigs

January 17, 2016


Squarepusher announces three shows with his new band Shobaleader One

6th May                Gorilla                                   Manchester       tickets

7th May                XJAZZ Festival / Lido           Berlin

8th May                Islington Assembly Hall        London               tickets


“The four-piece appear in white masks and black robes suggesting an order of faceless funk monks. Their live instrumentation injects new life into the frenetic jazz fusion of Squarepusher Theme and adds an emotional intensity to the melancholic dub of Iambic 5 Poetry” Mixmag

Shobaleader One’s thrilling Brighton and London debut shows last October were rapturously praised by both critics and fans alike, who marvelled in hearing seminal Squarepusher classics brought to life by a smoking hot band of virtuosic, funky-as-hell musicians, including Mr Jenkinson himself.

Following this successful road test, the band are pleased to announce three new gigs this May in Manchester, Berlin and London. The group have been deep in rehearsal mode, honing an expanded  set that’ll be even more incendiary and dynamic than their auspicious debut.

Shobaleader One first emerged as a vehicle for Jenkinson’s group compositions and evolved into the killer release ‘d’Demonstrator’. Tom has since been developing this approach to writing and performing with a band, having  worked  with an ensemble of like-minded musicians to develop new ideas and reinterpret choice nuggets from his catalogue.

Speaking of catalogue, Warp records will be re-releasing deluxe editions of Squarepusher’s classic albums later this year. Watch this space for more information.

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