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Label Spotlight- I Som e Fúria Records – New Brazilian Label

August 7, 2015


Som e Fúria Records is a new record label with headquarters in Curitiba (Southern Brazil) created to help local indie bands to spread their sound and words based on the “Do It Yourself” philosophy, and on a self celebrative scene.


The first release by the label is that of Lindberg Hotel and their new EP “Cotton Chains” which is streaming below.


Pop melodies from the 1960s together with 1990s guitar feedback and textures are the basis for Lindberg Hotel’s sound. This is a “one man project” by songwriter and guitar player Claudio Romanichen, and it has already released two full albums, both in 2014, and it’s necessary to say the second one (“Lindberg Hotel II”) took part in some “best indie albums of the year” lists. In their rare live performances, Claudio has been using programmed drums and has had a great “little help” from his friend and guitar player Eduardo Ambrosio, but for next live gigs there will be a 4 piece band. Lindberg Hotel is also the responsible for the first Som e Furia Records release: their new EP entitled “Cotton Chains”.

Other acts on the label include the following:

She Is Dead

Mau Carlakoski and his guitar command the band She is Dead. The band sound features echoes of hardcore and 1990s indie guitars, bringing to light high energy and dancing music. Playing with Maurício are Kim Tonietto (bass), Alessandro Santiago (drums) and Daniel Sassaki (guitar). She Is Dead is currently recording their first ep to be released by Som e Furia Records.


April Seven

If David lynch knew April Seven, possibly he would include one of their songs in his movie scores. Their music is a mix of surf music, odd road ballads, punk rock and 1960s pop which frames Junior Oliveira’s sad, cryptic and strange lyrics, accompanied by Mauricio Carlakoski’s guitar. After their first release (the ep “small collection of songs about love and destruction”), April Seven is preparing to release their next ep by Som e Furia Records.<


Twelve Street

Pedro Moura is the brain behind Twelve Street, a band with precise, romantic and loud compositions visibly influenced by 1990s and 2000s garage sounds. After releasing their first effort in early 2015, Som e Furia Records proudly announces the next ep by the band to come out in August 2015, but this time full of beautiful ballads with acoustic guitars and piano sounds.


The Shorts

The Shorts is a quintet who’s been playing since the beginning of 2014, with quite loud and energetic live performances in Curitiba’s underground stages. It mixes alternative rock influences, with grrl power and interesting ambiences. Their first release – entitled “Serendipity” – is almost ready to come to light, and it will be released around August 2015 by Som e Furia Records. The band is: Natasha Durski (vocals), Andreza Michel (bass) Babi Age (drums) and Taís D’Albuquerque and Daniel K. (on the guitars).


 Be sure to keep up to date with all the latest release/artist new from the Label itself. Follow Som e Fúria Records across their social media platforms.

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