August 21, 2015

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Out on the 4th / 7th of September

A cult record label for cult artists, Fuzz Club Records is set to release the new LP of The Underground YouthHaunted will be out on Monday the 7th Of September.

Since 2009 TUY unrelentingly rocked up stages all across Europe and blossomed massively out of the sight of major media.  If we were to ask the meaning of “underground culture” in 2015, specifically in relation to music, Craig and Ola Dyer would certainly be able to provide an authoritative answer. They have been preaching their secret Rock & Roll parable to a semi-scattered elite of loyal initiates, who supported them throughout their artistic mission until today. At the present, they have released seven LPs and three EPs – most of which have been pressed on vinyl by Fuzz Club. They are hot, not in a way to appear as NME’s featured band, they are more like the decade’s gospel of the underground. It’s a gospel which has constantly inundated the crammed underground blogosphere of the globe – just try and google it up, you’ll get burnt – and earned them the respect of the entire new age tribe of Psych-Rockers, and more.


Recorded between August 2014 and January 2015, Haunted marks a distancing from the Psychedelic atmospheres of the origins to a more radical 1980s Noise and Post-Punk sound, which was already palpable in their last EP, Beautiful & Damned. However, as for their previous releases, they have been faithful to their key purposes and DIY aesthetics and have not lost their unique taste for Pop melodies, which make them so special. It was religiously home recorded in their Manchester home-studio, with the contribution of producer James Shillito and it is the damning evidence that The Underground Youth are one of the few guitar bands to be able to craft beautiful songs and mesmerise crowds, using such simple and spontaneous recording techniques.

A declared Bob Dylan’s fan, Craig Dyer is once again exploring literature through music. To put it with his own words: “the intention was to create a dark and unsettling musical atmosphere to host the lyrical content, each song the detailing of a character’s struggle with a different affliction. Like a series of intrusive nightmares”.



1 Collapsing Into Night

2 Haunted

3 Dreaming With Maya Deren

4 Self Inflicted

5 Drown In Me

6 The Girl Behind

7 Slave

8 Deel Inside Of Me

9 Returning To Shadow

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