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Horsehunter – Caged In Flesh Album Review | Gavin Brown

May 6, 2015


Horsehunter – Caged In Flesh

If you like your doom heavy, with riffs that could crush concrete then you have come to the right place as Horsehunter will not disappoint, making music that is as hypnotic as it is heavy, and heavy it definitely is there is no denying that!

The Melbourne four piece have drawn favourable comparisons with the legendary likes of Sleep and Neurosis and when you listen to Caged In Flesh, it is hard to disagree with that.

Opener Stoned To Death is a song that would do the aforementioned Sleep proud (and it would fit in easily if they wanted to add another 16 minutes onto Dopesmoker!) and is jam packed with enough fuzz and heavier than thou riffs to get the album off to a blistering and head nodding start, as for the subject matter of the song, if you are a fan of Sleep then you’ll know the deal! (Mind you the title is a dead giveaway too!)

Up next is the title track of the album and starts with a lurching riff that would make a corpse bang its head and coarse vocals that command you to pay attention and the galloping rhythm section charge the track along, only slowing down to make the whole thing even heavier.

Even though the album has only 4 tracks, the bands lengthy and mesmerising riff laden jams ensure that you are hypnotised by the sheer power on display and it is only the caustic instrumental Nightfall that breaks up the bands aural assault and much like the acoustic interludes Orchid and Embryo on Sabbaths Master Of Reality, they only add to the heightened intensity on offer here although Nightfall has a much more menacing tone that segues brilliantly into album closer Witchery, all crushing vocals and masterful guitar and the spirit of the song invokes a sludgier version of classic Led Zeppelin and halfway through segues into a wall of feedback leading into a creeping drumbeat and some epic playing that builds and builds into a wall of pure noisy carnage until the inevitable feedback crashes the album out the only way it should end.

This is an epic and relentless album with more than enough heaviness to satisfy any fan of extreme music and if Horsehunter continue with albums of this calibre then they will make more and more fans of heavy music very happy.

Listen in full here-

Horsehunter – Caged In Flesh Released 21st April on Magnetic Eye Records

Words: Gavin Brown


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