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We Believe in Little League Records- New Release Announcement – Aquas Nilmarch

August 10, 2014

We believe in Little League Records. We believe in their releases and we certainly approve of their latest announcement/addition/release to their back catalog. We are delighted to announce their latest talent to their seemingly endless roster – Aquas Nilmarch.

 Aquas Nilmarch, an Indian producer based in Kolkata with the ability to captivate anyone, has teamed up with Little League Records to release his new self titled 3 track EP out August 10th. The perfect summer listening.


1. Lotus Seeds
2. Brilliant Orange
3. Eudora
You can listen to ‘Lotus Seeds’ taken from the release exclusively steaming below

Lotus Seeds is simply easy listening. It’s intellectually constructed to be the perfect song to accompany your lazy Sunday days, or your entire blissful Summer. This gentle composition is curated with a mix of intricate soundscapes and ample samples, some of which contain darker elements. The easy flow of the track is a short journey lulling the senses in and then suddenly it’s finished, the listener is left with the need to hit replay.
Aquas Nilmarch holds a certain charm within his orchestrations and provides a gracious journey. To put it simply; easy listening with a sophisticated notoriety.

Make sure you add this intricate release to your collection out August 10th on Little League Records.


LLR is an online record label catering to all types of alternative, experimental and unique music, from all around the globe and have a brilliant taste in music!- Over the last year Little League Records have had one rewarding month followed by the next. As the label have released more artists, more records than you can imagine. This year they prove unstoppable- this is a label home to talent, passion and excellent workmanship, the perfect label with a lot of potential and one that you will be thankful for.


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