Austrian Punk Rockers, ASTPAI, detail their new album, BURDEN CALLS

May 6, 2014



Austrian Punk Rockers, ASTPAI, detail their new album, BURDEN CALLS

ASTPAI are back, with the new album, BURDEN CALLS, set for release on 22/08/2014 (UK/EU) through Ass Card Records & 22/09/2014 (USA) through Jumpstart Records.

The 13 tracks tell a story of self doubt, fear and misery, but also the ongoing quest to find hope and love for all the right things in this world.

Amongst the relentless touring schedule and numerous festival appearances, ASTPAI have written a masterpiece of modern punk rock. BURDEN CALLS will soon to be a firm favourite in punk rock record collections, all over the world.

1. Single Use
2. Dead End Talking
3. Out
4. Death Everywhere
5. After All
6. Departure
7. Ground Control
8. Down by Love
9. Resignation
10. Careers
11. Small Change
12. Oxygen
13. Emotion in the Way

Blasting out of a dirty basement, on the outer City limits of Vienna, comes the forward thinking, punkrock sound, of Austria’s very own, ASTPAI. Think, None More Black meets Angus Young meets Dan Yemin and you are in the right ballpark. The heavy rocking, Hardcore/Punk sound, intertwined with melody and sing-a-longs, from vocalist, Zock’s distinctive vocal style, offers a very personal and political view on modern life.

Having released two full-fength demos between 2002 and 2003, ASTPAI first started to attract international attention with their albums “Feeling Safe In Prgrammed Channels” in 2005 and “Corruption Concealed (Under Deceptive Slogans)” in 2006. The latter was released and re-released several times in Europe (Rise Or Rust Records for Austria / Fond Of Life Records for Europe / Jumpstart Records for the USA and Canada) accompanied by a number of tours throughout the European mainland in 2007. 2008 saw ASTPAI head Stateside for the first time with a five-week tour along the US East Cost, as well as a four-week tour throughout the European mainland. In the same year, a Split-CD with UK’s Attack! Vipers! was released on We Heart Records and Laserlife Records.

2009, 2010 and early 2011 consisted of relentless touring, including a 6 week, full USA and Canadian tour, as well as a total of  20 weeks touring Western and Eastern Europe, including new territories, such as Greece and Russia. Beside all the touring, ASTPAI managed to find time to release the critically acclaimed full length,  “Heart To Grow” (Asscard Records for Europe / No Reason Records for Italy / Jumpstart Records for USA and Canada) in 2010,  as well as two 7″ records called “The Scavenger” and “On Your Own”.

ASTPAI put our their fourth and strongest full-length “Efforts And Means” (Ass Card Records / Jump Start Records / No Reason Records) in June 2012, and an EP called “Crohnicles“ (Ass Card Records / Shield Recordings / Jump Star Records) in October 2013, along with 230 shows throughout the two years.

In a total of twelve years the band has shared stages with numerous international acts like Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance, Smoke Or Fire, Anti-Flag, Flogging Molly, Leftöver Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters, Fucked Up, Paint It Black, ALL, The Lawrence Arms, The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream and Dead To Me. ASTPAI have played more than 600 shows in over 15 countries worldwide including appearances at Groezrock Festival, Meerhout Belgium (2011); The Fest, Gainesville Florida (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013); Poolbar Festival, Feldkirch Austria (2009) and Arena Open Air, Vienna Austria w/ Flogging Molly (2010).

2014 has already seen ASTPAI tour UK/EU with RX Bandits. The band are also hitting the road with Restorations / The Smith Street Band throughout April and May in the UK and Europe. May also see’s ASTPAI perform on the mainstage at Groezrock Festival, Belgium. ASTPAI will hit the road again throughout the summer in support of ONLY CRIME (UK/EU). A return to THE FEST, Gainsville, USA in October, with selected East Coast dates is also in the pipeline.

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