The So So Glos release new video for ‘Blowout’ + UK album info

March 12, 2014



Murderously catchy, endorphin-boosting, shout-along guitar music.” – Pitchfork

A band of brothers brimming with boyish energy and burn-down-the-house exuberance” – Rolling Stone

A prickly take on salt-of-the-Earth punk rock” –SPIN
One of the most respected acts in New York’s DIY scene, The So So Glos, will release their explosive new album Blowout in the UK on May 17th via Votiv/Caroline International/Shea Stadium Records. The album is available to pre-order now.

A rousing and energetic call to arms, Blowout is a definite statement from the Brooklyn punks, as demonstrated in the stop-motion video for the album’s title track, which can be seen now on their YouTube channel.

The video was created by singer/bassist Alex Levine, along with Maddy Rojas. Alex describes the video as, “a trip through So So Glow mania, ending in a black hole record which sucks us through the universe”. It’s a tripped out journey, straight from the heart and mind of one Brooklyn’s brightest young bands.

The So So Glos are made up by brothers Alex and Ryan Levine, their step-brother Zach Staggers and their best friend Matt Elkins and began playing as kids in 1991. You can trace Blowout back to those early days – the album begins and ends with a home recording of the Levine brothers as children listening to and re-enacting a Nirvana song. “There’s a video of us listening to Nevermind,” explains Ryan, “And the record stops during ‘Come As You Are’. Alex is like ‘Do you think he has a gun? I know he has a gun!’ He was responding to Kurt Cobain’s line, calling bullsh*t on our heroes.”

That’s not what Blowout does explicitly throughout its eleven boisterous yet poppy songs, but that willingness – even as young children – to challenge underpins the essence of the record. These are short, snappy songs inspired equally by British and American punk, and which are as poppy and catchy as they are acerbic.

There’s the brash brattiness of ‘Son of an American’ that kicks off the record, a high-octane rallying call for the underdog that segues into the debauched party antics of ‘House Of Glass’. ‘Diss Town’ has a distinctively English clang to its jaunty chug, while the title track seems to charge through, in under three minutes, a multitude of different kinds of punk, yet full of the spark and zest that makes the So So Glos stand out.

Of the album, Ryan says: “It’s a party, a victory, a flat tyre, an explosion. We went into the studio with that vision.”

Revered in New York, the So So Glos co-founded Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium – an all-ages, DIY music venue which has helped cultivate established acts such as Titus Andronicus and rising stars like Big Ups and Diarrhea Planet and has recently seen shows from the likes of Wavves, Metz, Trash Talk and Speedy Ortiz.

The So So Glos bring this community spirit to their ferocious yet fun live shows. Alex says: “We try to make every party pop off in an insane sort of mosh pit meets old skool NY hip-hop type fashion. We want to engage and encouraging people to put their cell phones away and mosh up the dance floor like it’s a rave or the Wu Tang Clan with guitars and leather jackets talking about love and generational apathy… as naturally as Brooklyn brothers can!”

Blowout will be released on May 17th

SXSW shows:

Wed 12th March                3PM                       Wild Honey Pie Day Party @ Sidebar
Wed 12th March                11pm                     Official SXSW Showcase @ Karma Lounge
Thurs 13th March              5.15pm                 Waterloo Cycles Day Party @ Waterloo Cycles
Thurs 13th March              12.10am               Sailor Jerry/Black Bell Party @ Gypsy Lounge
Fri 14th March                     9.45pm                 San Antonio Spurs Games @ One AT&T Center (San Antonio)
Sat 15th March                   Midnight              Music Saves Live Showcase @ Firehouse Lounge

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