The Tragic Thrills Premiere New Music Video Band’s Self-Titled Debut LP Out 10/22

October 18, 2013

image001The Tragic Thrills Premiere New Music Video

Band’s Self-Titled Debut LP Out 10/22


Alternative rockers The Tragic Thrills have released their new music video for the debut single “Tears”:

The track is also available on iTunes at:

The band’s forthcoming self-titled debut LP will be released on 10/22.

Primary songwriter Zach Porter says, “My aim is to be earnest and have integrity. When I write songs for this band, I question every word because I want to make sure everything is honest.”

The quartet is comprised of seasoned musicians with national and international touring experience, and successful track records with both major and independent labels. In addition to Zach Porter, the band includes Michael Martinez, Brent Schneiders, and Cameron Quiseng. With The Tragic Thrills, the band members break away from their legacies to rally behind the poetic and irreverently romantic songs Porter has crafted. Emboldened by the fresh start, the guys have taken the reins to steer their destiny. They self-funded their self-titled debut, and, enamored with the subtle genius production on Mat Kearney’s Young Love, handpicked producer Jason Lehning.

It’s a bold way to launch a new band, but that move keeps within the vibrant emotionality packed in the group’s moniker. “The name The Tragic Thrills embodies a sense of what I owe. Not what I owe to anyone, just what it’ll take for me to find whatever the hell it is I’m looking for in life,” Porter reveals.

“The whole time I was making the record there was a sense of purpose,” Porter says pensively, thinking back. “It felt like it was exactly what I should be doing. That sense of purpose gets me through everything,” he says, pausing. “I can’t wait to play this music live. The more we get out there and prove ourselves the more fulfilling this will be. “

Upcoming The Tragic Thrills shows:

Oct 21 Los Angeles, CA- Bootleg Bar w/Harper Blynn and Max and the Moon

Nov 01 Fullerton, CA The Slidebar (21+)

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