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Trust Fall – work hard, play weird, stay kvlt EXCLUSIVE 7″ STREAM

December 18, 2012

To all regulars of Circuit Sweet, Trust Fall will be a name used a LOT. In fact if you follow us it would be hard not to follow this talented trio. We first introduced the band when they signed to the brilliant Flannel Gurl Records- a label we love; passionate and enthusiastic founders who provide opportunities and a whole new platform for a plethora of talented musicians. When the band and the label joined forces not only were we thrilled but their combined talent was soon to explode. As more music lovers discovered the hardworking trio, more music lovers discovered the supportive and cherish-able label. With that their relationship and future plans were set to grow. Trust Fall the Virginia Beach Trio are a familiar name on the site following features on the progression of the band. Trust Fall in the last year have followed success to become a signed band on a favourite label Flannel Gurl Records and teased us all with ongoing projects and fantastic independent and strong releases. Trust Fall consist of John, Ryan and Rusty and frankly we really do admire this promising act.

We’ve been there since the amalgamation. We’ve kept up to date with all things in the world of Trust Fall. We gave you the news of the long awaited EP release. How honoured were we when Flannel Gurl Records asked if we would like to exclusively stream ‘Work Hard, Play  Weird, Stay Kvlt’.

Trust Fall are a trio who hail from the sandy peaks of Virginia Beach, VA. With an unhealthy obsession with black metal and Cap’n Jazz they have created a sound that we jokingly call black emo. This will be Trust Fall’s first proper 7″ entitled work hard, play weird, stay kvlt and will be released on December 18th TODAY. All bundle pre-orders will receive a limited edition sticker and something grim.

1) Be Your Own Bird
2) 21 Steps to Nowhere

work hard, play weird, stay kvlt- Exclusive Stream 

A true DIY band living up to it’s roots. Trust Fall are bursting with potential and are a name you will hear a lot more of. We urge you to visit their bandcamp and download your free download’s of their EP, demo and single. These three musicians have come a long way together- and their unity as a band, their workmanship and creativity radiates their aptitude. To get noticed by Flannel Gurl Records certainly was the next step for the development of the trio. Trust Fall’s passion and love for what they do is clear within their orchestrations- a talent worth supporting.

Support the trio- get your 7″ here

We have a lot of time and love for Trust Fall and Flannel Gurl Records. It’s so easy to understand why. Again we thank them both for their support of us and this exclusive stream. For those that have already pre-ordered their Trust Fall bundle from Flannel Gurl-  these will reach you shortly for those that have now fallen in love hit the above link to get your hands on a must have record for your collection!

Find an interview with Trust Fall that streamed our site earlier this year here-


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