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MANA by Time Columns- Album Details and Funding

December 16, 2011
Mana – Indie Gogo Campaign from Time Columns on Vimeo.
Time Columns need YOUR help to release their debut full-length record and get them to SXSW in Austin, TX!

The Story of “MANA”:

While we were on tour in January of 2011, we had a last minute show cancellation and ended up playing a DIY house show in rural Pennsylvania.  We met a couple kids who came to see us play after finding out about us through myspace. It turns out they were DJ’s at a nearby radio station and invited us to play a live set on-air the next day. At the station we met some truly wonderful human beings who would soon become the production team for our first full length album, “MANA”. 
– WXLV studio owner and Emmy Award-winning sound designer Harry Snodgrass enthusiastically agreed to act as producer for the album. He designed sound for Napoleon Dynamite, Alien 3, South Park and hundreds of other projects. FUN FACT: he made the “DUN DUN” sound in Law and Order!
– Benjamin Fenstermaker, the enormously talented visual artist who designed the album artwork seen above.
– Vince Dejesus, Erich Hamill, Jared Gibson and a slew of other students who would spend hundreds of hours editing, mixing and tinkering with gigantic session files in Pro Tools… All while juggling a full load of college classes, part-time jobs and creative projects of their own.
“MANA” is an album created and built on the generosity and creativity of numerous people brought together by what seemed like coincidence, but has proven itself to be much more.

Where We Are Now:

Almost a year later we are in the final stages of completing this album! After spending 8 months of late nights in the studio and even longer road trips from Baltimore, MD to Allentown, PA, we handed off our mixes to the enormously talented mixing engineer Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Studio. 

After completing mixes, the album will be sent to an equally talented engineer – Carl Saff of Chicago – to be mastered for both vinyl and CD/digital release in March 2012.

Altogether, that’s over ONE YEAR spent working on SEVEN SONGS. Needless to say, we have poured our BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS into this project and need your help to finish it off.


Quite simply, we have reached the end of our ropes financially. As two recent college graduates who made the decision to be full-time musicians in addition to our day jobs, we have an extremely limited amount of money we can use on the project at a time. Up until this point, we have funded every step of the album’s production ourselves and simply cannot finish it without the help of outside supporters like YOU!

This project is so special because it would have never materialized if it weren’t for the kindness, dedication and hard work of complete strangers who eventually became close friends. That idea is what brought us to the album title “MANA” which is a polynesian word that means spiritual energy or power that resides in the essence of particularly vibrant, life-affirming individuals. We think this record is brimming with mana. And to push forward in this idea of community, altruism and interconnectivity, we are asking for complete strangers like YOU to help us finish this project and give it the due process it deserves.

We need your help to not only pay for the remaining costs of the record’s production (i.e. mixing, mastering, printing, etc.), but also to HELP US FUND OUR NATIONAL TOUR TO THE SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (SXSW) FESTIVAL IN AUSTIN, TEXAS THIS MARCH! The opportunity to play at SXSW is a huge achievement for this band and we are passionate about showing this album to as many people as possible. Simply put, we can’t even afford to finish paying off this album without outside assistance, nevermind pay for all the costs of touring – renting a van, gas, etc. That’s where your help comes in.

We are extremely frugal individuals. We sleep in vans. We eat Ramen Noodles in industrial amounts. Bottom line – the $5,000 we are asking for will go towards paying for the absolute essentials of this album and tour – NO FRILLS, NO LUXURIES, NO WASTE. We are here to make music and spread love to others, not to be comfortable or live a life of egotism.

The Bottom Line:

We need your help to finish this record and then show it to the world on a tour halfway across the country to debut it at South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin TX, one of the nation’s biggest music conferences! Please donate whatever you can, anything helps!

Please watch the video above for sneak peeks of the new album, some glimpses into how we made it and some shots with the wonderful people who helped us get here. THANK YOU!!!
You can find the campaign here-
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