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Snowing (2008-2011) [News, Farewells + Free Downloads]

September 12, 2011

Today it was announced that Snowing have called it a day much to ours and their dedicated fans deepest regret.

Earlier the band released this statement:

“I’m going to keep this short, and hopefully fairly devoid of pompous self-importance. Snowing has come to an end at the ripe old age of 3 and a half (that’s over 90 in emo years!). Words are really escaping me right now, so I’ll just say this: We had a blast writing songs, driving across the country playing shows, imbibing copious amounts of alcohol, and earning future grey hairs by reading all about ourselves on message boards. Thanks for everything.”
Alongside a Thank You for 3 years of support.

Count Your Lucky Stars still offer you their free download, Streaming below-

You can download the brand new lp by snowing “i could do whatever i wanted if i wanted” featured above for free-

THE HIGH QUALITY VERSION IS ON OUR BANDCAMP HERE: http://countyourluckystars.bandcamp.com

Or you can still download them here, as .mp3s: right click, save as. 
 right click, save as. .m4a files, 61 megabytes.

Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit- You will be missed.

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