Richard Parker + The Party Program + Shields + Magnapinna @ The Well, Leeds [Must see Gig]

June 7, 2011
Last month we introduced you to the sounds of Richard Parker.
The 4 piece Leeds based instrumental post rock band.
Refresh your memory and indulge to their sounds at their introducing feature- Introducing Richard Parker
Although we previously listed a few live dates you can catch the four at, here is an event you need to go witness.
Join the lads and their support at The Well, in Leeds Tuesday 21st June.
Day 1 of ‘The Dick Party Tour’ featuring The Party Program (Edinburgh) and Richard Parker (Leeds) with diverse support.

Local chumps playing instrumental/post-rock.
4 Scottish heart throbs playing progressive hardcore from Edinburgh.
4 knights of the round table playing medievel Battle core, very good yes!
I’ll be impressed if you don’t tap a foot or nod your head listening to this great band.
Price: TBC
Doors: 7:30
Facebook event page, click attend.

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