Rad Releases ’10- Only Fumes and Corpses

December 22, 2010
 Way back at the beginning of September, as part of a Lockjaw records exclusive, we did a very successful interview/feature with Galway’s abrasive hardcore 5 piece Only Fumes and Corpses, you can revisit that interview here and find out more on the band their gear and their release- http://circuitsweet.blogspot.com/2010/09/only-fumes-and-corpses-feature.html Fast forward a few months and we went back to speak to Daniel the guitarist and vocalist to find out what his and the bands plans for 2011 were and what his favourite top 5 releases of this year.
My top 5 releases of 2010 are: 
1. Enabler – Eden Sank To Grief

Listen to the song “Unconditional Surrender”.  Music does not get much better than this for me.
2. Imelda May – Mayhem

Fantastic album by fantastic musicians.  Old school rockabilly etc with a serious modern edge.  “Psycho” has gotta be my fave.
3. Comeback Kid – Symptoms and cures

“G.M. Vincent and I” is the highlight for me but the whole album does it for me to be honest.  Another slight change in production which is refreshing.
4. Stick Around – When we ran EP

Posi people rockin’ the pop-punk with an edge. “G’luck” is such an awesome song.  Best dudes.
5. Trenches – Trenches EP

Second best band in Ireland with their first proper recording.  Opening track “Carrier” is epic as is the rest of the EP.  Galway bands rule.

Those are the releases that got the most listens anyways. 
Some other band stuff that did it for me are releases by Crowd Control, Easpa Measa/Divisions Ruin, Blood Revolt, Them Martyrs, Drainland, The Departed and Chewing On Tinfoil. 
 Just noticed that it’s pretty much all Irish stuff which is nice I guess.
 2010 was sweet but I think 2011 will be more adventurous musically for me.  Only Fumes & Corpses are heading back over to the UK at the end of January for a short tour (still looking for some dates…. get in touch) which I’m really looking forward to.  We’ll also be doing some more recording in the early part of the year.  We have 10 new songs many of which are quiet a big departure from our other recent stuff.  Can’t wait to get it out there.  Also hoping to tour some places we haven’t hit yet.
 So hopefully 2011 will be the year you catch Only Fumes and Corpses Live if you haven’t already. We wish the band all the luck for their recording and everything they will encounter next year. You can become a fan of the guys HERE.

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