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December 22, 2010

 Earlier this year I witnessed the live performance of a local band that I had been longing for, a truly captivating performance from Malvern’s Tallulah Fix has made me a fan from then forth, a band blogged frequently “Dirty blues at its finest. Everything about this band live or on record makes you want to rock out and get filthy. McFadyen is definitely one of my favourite local guitar players at the moment and Rich Monk is a truly original voice to match.”– Oli Montez. Aulos, Sound Guardians.
 We last featured the 4-piece in October ahead of their November debut EP release, all of that can be found on their last post http://circuitsweet.blogspot.com/2010/10/tallulah-fix.html. It would be wrong to not feature such a reappearing act. So luckily we managed to talk to Tallulah’s Bassist Louie Webb on his top 5 releases of the year.
Louie: Big task here. As a band we more than often look back to look forward. I could do you a Captain Beefheart rarities top 5 if you like.The days have also gone where I know a uber cool band who have just recorded in a log cabin to get the howl of the trees and will only be releasing the album on limited tape cassette. Luckily though once in a while I dig out my ‘new releases’ Speedos and dip my toe in. In no particular order…
1) Deftones – Diamond Eyes. 

 They’re back!! Music that is on the heavier side of life is often scared to evolve, mostly due to hardcore brain rattlers calling for their once favourite bands head. Deftones have never cared for all that and I even remember Chino announcing he listens to Justin Timberlake giving the reason you can learn and take from every genre of music. Hear! hear! This album is pretty much where I expected Deftones to be at this point and I suppose the way to sum it up is ‘beautifully heavy’
My fav track – You’ve Seen The Butcher.
2) Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘Self Titled’.
 A band/album that doesnt take itself too seriously and just wants to Rock!!

So many up and coming bands for my money have lost their edge. Its as if they have been too finely polished by the tides of Rock n Roll. Not these guys. I dare you to not nod your head to this record, infact I triple dare you. They also take the prize for craziest song names in 2010.

My fav track – I’ve Got Guest List To Rory O’Hara’s Suicide.

3) Chickenhawk – Modern Bodies.

Lets not make any bones about it, this is heavy. But I reckon for people who are put off by the ‘harder stuff’ this is the record for you. Plenty of riffage, screams and balls but also melody, dynamics and a good smidge of comedy. NASA vs ESA has the line ‘Take me to the moon man, in a tin can that’s so cool man’ Surely worth a listen for this alone!!
My fav track – Scorpieau.

4) Dinosaur Pile-Up – Growing Pains.
 Ok… Who made a gaff and when this record was meant to go to pressing in 1996 accidentally left it on the shelf and has just been found it and released it 14 years later! It sounds a little like early Foo’s when the ‘oh my god Dave Grohl sings’ factor was still there and for those that remember them the band Everclear. All this was of course post-grunge. This band have gone post-post-post-maybe one more post grunge. Anyone for post grunge revival?
5) Aulos – EP-IC.
 What I hear you cry a ‘Brownie point’ selection with Circuit Sweet having more than passing connection with Aulos. Well… its not an album either but I don’t give a floody buck. I wanted to stick some ‘local’ in here and its costs an arm and 2 legs to record an album. With a nod to buddies Zebedy Rays and Mother Dirt, Aulos were first heard by myself in 2010 and I love ’em. There are certain bands you play with that you know from the opening 10 secs that they are a cut above. This has become a sound track to the start of a Friday/Saturday night and then back on for the alcohol fuelled dream at the end of said night… boy, I’ve been having some very strange dreams.
 My fav track – Wolverines Pt.II

Tallulah Fix have had such a great year and I expect seeing them a lot more in 2011, we wish them all the best and are very grateful we got to encouter the Fix throughout this year. Keep up to date with and get your fix of the fix by becoming a fan of the guys HERE.

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