Look Whos Back Baby..

September 30, 2010
Thats right, AULOS are back doing what they do best- blast beating, showboating and laying on as much electronic intensity as possible. 
 After a small hiatus which has seen; a line-up change, the band take to the studio for the release of their EP, silent sessions and becoming semi finalists for Relentless Energy Sessions and receiving the biggest supply of energy cans. They are back. As a 2piece- Oli Montez and Josh Lamdin. Who says you need a large even number of musicians to make full on mindbending noize, not when you have these two…

The 6th November the Groove Merchants proudly present, Live @ Mamma Jammas, Hereford.
With The Hysterical Injury, Zebedy Rays and Aulos.
Another blinding night from The Groove Merchants more information and the gigs event page can be found HERE.
This is Aulos’ local reigning return.

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