KITE Announce New Album “VII” Due August 9th via Dais Records

July 4, 2024
Photo by: Jonas Andersson

KITE Announce VII for Dais Records

The first studio album length release from KITE, the 2XLP compiles six previous sold out 7inches and arrives on August 9th

Since surfacing into the Scandinavian synth-pop scene 16 years ago, Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Hutchinson Berg aka KITE have steadily grown from local icons to a global phenomenon, yet until now they’ve never released a full-length studio album. 

VII breaks the ice, collecting 14 of the duo’s deepest and most dynamic anthems into a stormy saga of immersive, apocalyptic emotion. Sourced from a series of six 7-inch singles released over the past half-decade, the collection persuasively showcases KITE’s distinctly cinematic strain of Swedish darkwave in all its glory and desolation.

Stenemo and Berg had both logged time in other bands before joining forces in the mid-aughts, although their unique chemistry became apparent immediately. After forming in Malmö, Sweden, they soon relocated to Stockholm, further refining their fusion of brooding synths, booming rhythm, and vocal theatrics over a string of celebrated numbered EPs (named I through VI).

VII offers a compendium of  KITE’s potent recent discography, including collaborations with Blanck MassAnna von Hausswolff, and Henric de la Cour. From yearning dystopian pop (“Hand Out The Drugs,” “Bowie ‘95”), to widescreen existential balladry (“Tranas Stenslanda,” “Glassy Eyes“), and sleek New Romantica (“Remember Me, “Teenage Bliss”), KITE’s wavelength is one of soaring heights and abysmal depths, anguish and ecstasy, pouring one’s burning, battered heart into the here and now. Their years of visceral commitment and artistic integrity have been hard fought and hard won; it bleeds between the words and melodies in one holy moment after another.

The forthcoming record perfectly encapsulates this vital outfit and its progression over the years, creating these essential ensembles.

Pre-order VII here 

Remember Me
Hand Out the Drugs
Don’t Take the Light Away
Teenage Bliss
Demons & Shame
Glassy Eyes
Bowie ’95
Panic Music
Losing (ft. Anna Von Hausswolff & Henric de la Cour)
Hopelessly Unholy
Hum Hum

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